Identical twins say the same thing at the same time


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They’re adorable in a sort’a creepy way.


Yes, we do that. We also lost the same tooth at the same time as we were growing up.

We mirror twins are also really good at working under a car together, because we each can reach half of the bolts.


A “super power” emerges!



Most identical twins I’ve known have been eager to be different. I wonder if these two ever date? It must be difficult.


They’re adorable in a sort’a creepy way.


@Otherbrother and I diverged a big more. We cover more ground that way.



Listening to them talk i get the impression that when one is trying to fill in the words and doesn’t quite match up with what the other is saying they both adjust what they’re saying. It’s evident with the pace and cadence of how they talk. It’s probably a semi-concious thing, a habitual reflex of trying to stay synchronized in their thinking and behavior. I don’t find it creepy, i think it’s interesting and wonder if given enough time two totally non-related people if they worked hard at it if they could reach some level of synchronicity. Maybe so, would be fascinating in doing tests between these types of twin behavior and old married couples that know each other real well.


FYI, this news article is ten years old. There was a follow up article. The twins are now roughly 40 years old, still live at home with their parents, have never dated, and operate a well known bird sanctuary. Locals consider and treat them like one person, or so the article said.


Yeah it doesn’t sound like they’re saying the same thing at the same time really, just merely trying to. I knew someone when i was in high school who tried to say the end of sentences with the person she was talking to, it drove me nuts. Every time she did it it would completely throw me off of what I was trying to say. I can’t imagine having someone you CHOOSE to do that with, but then I’m an only child so I grew up all on my lonesome.


I don’t know about these two, but my brother and I say exactly the same thing at the same time in conversation often enough that it’s a bit unnerving. We most definitely aren’t trying.


I’m reminded of Garth and Kat on SNL - an old improv exercise, but in the twins case it comes naturally?


Difficult? Easy?

"Dangit! I agreed to go on a date, but I also agreed to babysit so my friends can go on a date. If only there were a way of fulfilling both these obligations without anyone realizing I double-booked myself.

Oh wait!"


We rescued two cats, litter mates, who lost the exact same tooth at the same time as kittens. Both calicoes, but with much different fur patterns & length. Very similar in most ways: stature, facial structure, size and weight, but different in others. We suspect they had the same father.

Unfortunately one of them had cardiomyopathy that showed up at 2 1/2, and died a year ago at 12 1/2 (we are thankful for excellent vets). Fortunately the other doesn’t have the heart problem, and is still with us at 13 1/2.

They didn’t meow at the same time, though . . . .

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Marie and Donnie Osmond?


Mirror Twins? Interesting I’ve never heard of that. I expect there are all different types of identical twins, depending on when the embryo does that full division. Kind of like conjoined twins, but then separated in the womb. These women are definitely mirror images, left hand/right hand. IIRC, most identical twins are essentially clones, with same handedness.
Any other identical twins out here? This is really fascinating.


Do you ever had boyfriends?


I wonder why …


They’re non-stop ‘cold reading’ each other and finishing each other’s sentences. Anyone can do that with some practice, if you ask me. Although, on some occasions, they start saying the same things, and it may seem interesting. But I suspect those are phrases they use more often.