'An Oral History of Mad Men' is an instant internet classic


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tl;dr - had to shut it down once I got to “I am Hamm”. Granted, I didn’t smoke a bowl first, so I guess I’m missing out on some of the charm.

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Humor that needs you to be high to be funny is like food that requires you be starving to enjoy eating it.

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I watched A Young Doctor’s Notebook and was pretty appalled at Hamm. I guess he was born to play Draper, but maybe not much else.

I did read that part in his voice. So there’s that.

Never saw that one (or even heard of it). I quite enjoy his comedic roles, though.

I actually disagree Xeni - if I read this high I’d have laughed so loud I’d have become paranoid the neighbors knew I must be high, and then spent the rest of my night sitting in my bathroom watching safe things like “Friends” on my Nexus.

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