Entire episode of 'Conan' devoted to 'Breaking Bad' with full cast, Walt-o-Corridos from Los Cuates de Sinaloa


I keep staring at the picture thinking, Wait, where’s Bryan Cranston? He’s there, but I now have a hard time recognizing him when he’s not scary-looking. Even seeing him in an old episode of Seinfeld confuses me. It’s like the time I saw a production of Richard III, and the next day I saw the actor who played Richard III in the drugstore. I kept looking at him thinking, why does he look familiar? Even when I figured it out a part of my brain kept saying, Couldn’t be. This guy’s too nice.

Edit: I have to add that it’s equally confusing when I see Anna Gunn on an old episode of Seinfeld.

Bob Odenkirk doesn’t look too happy to be there. Did they cancel his pilot? Better call Saul!

Did you ever catch reruns of Malcolm in the middle? He was an absolute doofus as the father.

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I loved Malcom in the Middle–I’ll even admit to watching it when it was still running. I thought Cranston was perfect for the role, and on that Conan episode it seems he’s really a comic at heart. He’s just an amazingly gifted comic who can do drama just as well as he can do comedy.


Aren’t the acting masks tragedy and comedy?


Yes! I hadn’t even thought of that. But it seems rare that you find an actor who can do both equally well. Can Robert de Niro, for instance, really pull off Cranston’s broad physical goofiness? Don’t get me wrong–I think de Niro’s an amazing actor, but his comedy schtick seems to be limited to glowering menacingly. And the main reason it’s funny is because he’s Robert de Niro.

I think drama and comedy are both equally difficult to do well, which is why, as Simon Pegg said in a recent interview, it’s kind of a shame that there’s not an Oscar for best comedic performance.

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I read an article about the Malcom in the Middle cast returning to start their second season.

Brian Cranston, acting quite pleased with himself, announced to anyone who wanted to listen, that he had been the invited guest of honor…at a mall opening.

Take that, Frankie Muniz!

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