Anthony Hopkins' fan letter to Bryan Cranston after binging on Breaking Bad


Genius recognizing genius.

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Uproxx now indicates it may be a fake.

binging? being?

As in “binge-watching.”

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Unless you want people to think he spent his time doing Microsoft searches, us the also-correct spelling bingeing.

If this is worth anything, Gawker insists it’s real.

I am particularly enjoying this on the level of Anthony Hopkins is writing a beautiful letter and he played epistolarian Frank Doel in the movie adaptation of one of my favorite books.

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How astounding is it that they actually brought it to a conclusion? That’s the most amazing part of all to me… that the cast and creators fulfilled every unreasonable expectation we made of them.

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it came on TV two nights ago : )

84 Charing Cross Road is a superb movie. I should re-watch that.

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thank you it has been a long day. I was truly not getting that.

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Turns out Cranston’s signed to play Dalton Trumbo in an upcoming movie about Trumbo and the Hollywood blacklist. That oughta be interesting.

Oh, I want it to be true too, real, real bad.

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I made it a ways into the second season. It was, in every respect, incredibly well done, buy I found basically all the main characters (except Walter Jr.) to be so unlikeable and unsympathetic that I couldn’t bring myself to keep watching it. That said, the fact that they managed to portray them well enough, and consistently enough, to evoke that kind of deep dislike of all of them in me is pretty impressive.

I suspect that part of it may be that at least some people haven’t forgotten the lesson of Twin Peaks, which started out as one of the most astonishing things that TV had ever done up to that point, then devolved into a parody of itself, then started to refocus… but not in time to prevent its cancellation. Vince Gilligan got his start on The X-Files, which always seemed to me to have benefited at least a little from Twin Peaks (at least in proving that a weird series could get a foothold, if not in direct inspiration), and although the temptation (both from within and probably from AMC in terms of money) must have been tremendous to extend BB further than it really needed to go, he resisted.

Actually AMC originally wanted a shorter fifth season to cut costs, for a while Sony was actually shopping around with other networks to wrap up the show. Whoever made the call to keep it to five seasons I applaud them, it would have been awful to watch another great show go the way of X-Files or Lost.

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