When Bob Odenkirk perfectly played Charles Manson


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Every time I hear anything about Charles Manson (or, for that matter, Lassie), I think of the “Manson” sketch. Heck, every time I hear some gibberish, I want to respond with, “Did little Timmy fall down the well?” because of that skit.



Also, for Manson comedy, see any of Geraldo Rivera’s “debates” with Charles Manson. Charles Manson may have been an abominable murderer, but it takes a special kind of a moron to argue with him.


And lose, to boot! Everyone already knew was Manson a monster, but Geraldo lost his temper, resorted to badgering and yelling at him. It’s pretty clear that he thought he was speaking on behalf of society’s sense of moral outrage, but he failed astoundingly.


Bob Odenkirk is a national treasure.


Who’s more a fool?
The fool or the fool who interviews the fool?


Depends on the mustache.


I’ve never watched Charles Manson talk, but I’ve met people with schizophrenia, and he’s doing that to a tee.

Someday, clips like this will be filed in the same category as black-face minstrel acts.


I see our universe diverged into self-parody earlier than I thought.

Can’t ever quite follow what you’re trying to tell them because they’re too distracted by the story they’re making up in their head ABOUT what you’re trying to tell them?

Or is that narcissists …


These are not the mustaches you’re looking for.


I learned something new today.


If you had ever actually met a person with schizophrenia, you would be able to tell the difference. Narcissists are often quite fun to be around, schizophrenics, not so much.


The Ben Stiller show was probably the best show on television while it ran. Skank the sock-puppet, COPS during the Salem witch trials, Hawkeye from Last of the Mohicans’ home exercise device (may not be available in CAN-tuck-EEE)


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