An unsettling metafiction told in paranoid Reddit comments


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Uh, guys, you could have chosen a different picture. If you don’t know what is in that photo, here is a bit of a background:

Burned human remains is not something I expect on the Boing Boing front page.


If you want something about wild conspiracies involving hallucinogenics, the CIA and serial killers check out this novel, good read!


I’ve been reading for a few hours. Wow.


I was wondering whose remain those were. Especially since I was familiar with the typical method of execution for KGB turncoats Being fed slowly into a live furnace.


Good ol’ Reddit, not so much a circle jerk as a vast Markov jerk.


Welcome to BoingBoing and thanks for posting the link, I’m reading the preview now.


God, it’s just so frustrating. I’ve been ranting in a paranoid and unsettling fashion on the internet for DECADES now, with barely so much as a pissy “delete your account” to show for it. Now this n00b waltzes in and is the darling of the intertubes because he scattered a plain English-language rant on one website over the space of a few weeks. I mean I’m not jealous exactly, but it makes me wonder why I’ve been bothering.

Was I too subtle? Did I wear my human-skin perhaps a bit too well? I mean, I certainly seemed to irritate some of you, which was gratifying in its way, but I truly believed that you were capable of appreciating what I was doing on multiple levels. Ha, guess not. That’ll teach me.

Well, fine. We’ll go back to feet washing ashore in Vancouver. THAT at least seemed to get your attention, if not your comprehension.


This is subjective, but to me certain kinds of photos of human remains don’t really register as gory or gross because of the way they’ve been preserved, like the bodies encased in ash at Pompeii or Otzi the peat bog mummy, and the remains in the picture are so thoroughly charred that I feel the same way here. Maybe you’re not objecting so much to the visual qualities of the image as to the fact that a real historical tragedy is being used to illustrate an article about a fictional horror story…to me it’s far enough in the past to no longer be “too soon”, but again that’s obviously subjective. I’ll just note that the picture is relevant to the story, since it references a conspiracy theory where Yuri Gagarin was not actually the first cosmonaut, but just the first to return alive.


Very creative writing, I like it. Creepy enough too.


Use a pen, Sideshow Bob.


I’ve been posting here for years and somehow no one has picked up on the dystopian/cosmic horror fiction linking my posts.

Wait fiction? I meant non-fiction.


Wait, I thought “Welcome to BoingBoing” was code for, “I see you recently made an account to troll here or astroturf”. Now I have to update my index cards.


Just being neighborly. :smile:


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