An up-close look at how laser beams engrave things

Originally published at: An up-close look at how laser beams engrave things | Boing Boing


The slow-mo allows us to view parts of the process that we can’t see with the naked eye.

TBH it wasn’t much more exciting to watch - i.e. no more detail was really revealed to the naked eye - in slo-mo. But it was nevertheless a very educational video.


There was a disappointing lack of instruction on how to attach the laser to a shark.

This is fascinating. I’ve worked a lot with CO2 lasers at my makerspace for doing cuts and engraving but never played with a fiber laser. It seems as if fiber lasers are significantly more expensive and exotic than CO2 laser, but have a very small maintenance cost over time.

(These days you can buy really cheap and reasonably capable Chinese CO2 laser engravers/cutters for home use. It’s a great time to be a maker.)

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