An "urban legend" documented in the scientific literature


All the best pregnancies start with oral sex and a knife fight.


Traumatic Insemination: Not just for invertebrates anymore.

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If you ever think you had a hard life, try to imagine yourself as this girl. Starved, works in a bar, stabbed in the gut at 15, no vagina, got teen pregnant anyway. That is a hard life right there.


Here’s a link to the original case report. Fascinating.

The madcap situations that humanity can create for itself are astounding, as if the Almighty Murphy is watching over us all and we’re only too eager to help Him along.

Is there a velociraptor in this story?

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This story is from 1987, and finally made its way to Boing Boing. But I’m still leaning toward urban legend; a cursory web search reveals no references to “aplastic distal vagina” except other copies of this story.


She performed her task in the parking lot, as there was no room in the bar. The medical staff said,“Behold. A virgin birth!” And there was a gift of cows from Daddy Magi. So they named him Jeezie Two, and the prophesy was thus fulfilled. Last heard, Jeezie and Baby Daddy were busy knocking together wooden huts, occasionally breaking bread with the local priests, who seem to hang on Jeezy’s every word.

Since there were some questions about how true this is, I searched the author’s name and several articles related to childbirth in developing countries come up, such as:

So, seems to be a real but freakin’ amazing case.

Or… we have a new Egerton Yorrick Davis.

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That is totally great!

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