Anaheim's living wage ballot measure pits big corporate donors against union money

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From what I hear, Anaheim is difficult living for the average worker. Fingers crossed.


Anaheim’s living wage ballot measure pits big corporate donors against union money

…like almost every ballot measure anywhere ever.


Why “corporate donors” plural? It’s basically Disney, isn’t it?

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The funny thing is: your question is more or less actually answered directly if you bother to read Cory’s article… not even having to click the link.

“Disney and the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce bitterly oppose the measure.”

Color me shocked.
Disney is mildly freaking out about this because they really only have the recourse to shovel money at politicians to do their bidding. It’s not like they can just pick up Disneyland and move it somewhere else in protest.
They need to start paying their people better wages. Period.

Side note - adults that are super into Disney are weird.


Well, I did actually bother to read his post (but, no, I did not click through further because the LA Times is not interested in readers protected by the GDPR, so no point clicking - nothing there for me).
Cory mentions Disney and the local CoC, which is not a “corporate”, is it? Hey-ho, no matter.

Cory mentions the specific donor amounts, and Disney is not even matching the union amounts. The sum of the two quoted figures makes clear that there’s plenty room left on the way to 100% of the campaign contributions that are not being made by Disney or the union.

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Arithmetic is correct, granted, but who is to say (how much of) the rest of the donated sums are from corporates? I guess it is a fair assumption that some of it will be but one wonders how “big” they/their donations are, relatively. I have no idea how much public donations figure in this kind of campaign.
(Is the LA Times any more explicit? As noted, I cannot access.)
Anyway, nothing to really argue over - the key point is Disney is demonstrating its evilness here.
(And as an aside, Cory’s noting of their position here, and his professed admiration for their products, is a little dissonant, but one does not have to hate the product just because of who the producer is. Well, not always, but there will be exceptions to that rule!) :wink:


Shutup shutup shutup! You’re not allowed to say bad things about Disney around here! That’s like disrespecting Die Antwoord!

(dodging and weaving between strikes of the banhammer)


Hmmmmmm, Disney Antwoord… :thinking:


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