Pressured by union, Disney World raises minimum wage to $15

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I love this tactic. Promise future pay increase a few years down the road and then apologize when you cant meet your own deadline.


Glad to see they’re doing right by the union in both parks. The negotiations for this increase had gone on for years and this will give cast members a living wage.


Pressured by or negotiated with?

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Hmm, a bunch of workers gathered together to collectively fight for better wages and I still woke up this morning in a “free” country.


For how long? If it doesn’t go into effect until 2021, will $15/hr still be a living wage?

I hope they were able to squeeze in some inflation adjustment riders as well.

That said, good for them!

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Disney took in 6% more revenue in the past quarter. This pay raise spread out over 4 years isn’t going to keep step with Disney growth or cost of living.

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Do you know how much the cost of sports cars and summer houses for executives have risen in that same time?

Then there’s the share holders. Inside traders and fund managers have to pay their mistriss’ rent with something, you know.

According to the website CryoFreezer33, this is exactly the same crummy horrible deal (i.e., just an 50¢ raise now) that union members overwhelmingly turned down at several times last year before negotiations with Disney even began.

It seems the union representatives sold out and betrayed their members to be in bed with the Walt Disney Co., and Disney is trying to pull the wool over the public’s eye on how bad a deal this is.

This deal, which gives Disney workers a “living wage” of $15 will only take effect after more than three whole years. It’s a complete farce. Why isn’t Disney giving their workers $15/hour now?

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