Ancient relics swiped by Hobby Lobby are headed home to Iraq


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Stolen antiquities returned from Hobby Lobby President's loot cache

Two very weird parts of this story:
• Hundreds of the 4000+ tablets seem to originate from Irisagrig, a mysterious lost Sumerian city.
• Many of them contain what seem to be magical incantations.

And these were for a Biblical Museum, huh?


That’s… weird.


All my relics are legit.


The problem with wearing your religion on your corporate sleeve is when you get the shirt dirty.


No idea what Hobby Lobby even thought they were going to do with stolen historical artifacts, but this is obligatory:


They’re super into Jesus and were attempting to, mostly likely, put in the Museum of the Bible. Couldn’t have happened to a better company.


Uh, yeah… I get that.

But from what I understand, the artifacts in question have nothing to do with Christ, his life, or his teachings; they were mainly Sumerian, and that was a polytheistic culture.

Not to mention, any attempt to put such ‘ill gotten gains’ into any museum is going to draw close scrutiny from the authorities.


Of course it brings up the obvious. The Hobby Lobby people were really trying to revive Cthulhu


Someone taking Snow Crash too seriously?


Do I have to go back and read that book now to understand current events?


Time for an independent inventory?


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Yeah, I was wondering that too. I immediately pictured turd-colored ‘resin’ replicas suitable for stringing on hemp cords for hippie necklaces. Or maybe cylinder-seal drawer pulls.




definitely looking for the Nam Shub of Enki


/Leaving satisfied at presence of image


Is Hobby Lobby seekritly run by L. Bob Rife?


That sounds like the hobby to end all hobbies.


By the corporation that pretends to stand on morality and ethics.