Andrew Weatherall, Primal Scream producer, acid house legend, RIP

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I enjoyed Two Lone Swordsmen back in the day.
Sorry to hear of Andrew’s passing.


same. in fact, i STILL enjoy them. and Screamdelica never gets old to me. this is such a loss. only 56!


Stay Down was one of those albums I bought as part of a larger music purchase. I always enjoyed it but never delved into the people behind the music to be honest.

I will give Screamdelica a listen after I get back from lunch. The cover art doesn’t seem familiar.

ETA: nice album but Two Lone Swordsmen is more my cup of tea.

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RIP mate


Oh no! This is truly bad news. He was the chameleon, a Renaissance man of dance and dance-adjacent music. Almost nobody covered more ground than him. His rockish productions over the past decade or so were fresh as hell and truly expansive of the last 65 years of recorded music.

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