Andy Gill, iconic post-punk guitarist for Gang of Four, has died

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There is no possible way that anyone in Gang of Four could be 64 years old. Impossible.

checks own driver’s license picture and dates oh crap noooooooo!

This one’s for you, Gill…


Sleep tight don’t let the 80’s bite.


I really love Gang of Four, this is a bummer. Here’s the song that made me get into their catalog:


This is very sad to hear. I saw him/them play in a small venue at Magic Mountain early fall 1982. Someone dragged me there just to see them play (hadn’t heard of them before that). I became a new fan that day.


The thing I <3 about Gang of Four is that they sang about the world that actually fell out of the 60s, not the world that didn’t happen. In short, I admired Gang of Four for singing “This heaven gives me migraine.”


Very sad, yes. Andy was awesome. Caught Gang of Four in their prime at the Ontario in DC, hot as hell, and unforgettable. Wax Museum, too, the tour with the backup singers with their long white gloves. Possibly the loudest thing I’ve ever heard. I’m fortunate to have had the opportunity to say “Thank you for all the great music!” to an actual member of GOF, Sara Lee. They were great. Andy was great.


Another good and talented person gone. This is a real bummer, particularly if you happen to be 64 yourself. Hardly a balanced POV either: BB should spend equal time telling about people who are going to be good and talented, but have only just been born, right?

(/s of course)


I can’t count myself the biggest fan, but I remember them well, especially from my much love and oft played Urgh! A Music War tape. RIP, Mr. Gill.


The one and only time I saw them, in Melbourne last year, they were still the real deal. I was pretty big on them back in the day, and I’m glad I finally got a chance to see them


Damn. Gang of Four is one of my all-time top favorite bands. RIP, buddy.

GoF is one of those bands where you could be a total moron and nearly immediately grasp what they were getting at. One of these days I will actually read Debord but for now I will stick to listening to music.

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Counting my blessings. At least I still have Mission of Burma.


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