Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Sonny Liston, and Whitey Ford's TV commercials for Braniff Airline

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When you got it… flaunt it.

Truer words were never spoken.

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radiate a surreal kind of believability.

Braniff…Believe it!

ETA: From around this time, the slogan probably would have been either the “airline with enough guts to put clocks in every plane” or “We set trends”

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Did Liston dub Warhol? Was that the joke?


My wife and son were in the air en-route home, flying Braniff, when the airline went out of business. When they landed to make the last connection home, they were all marched out of the plane and were effectively stranded with no one at the Braniff gate to help them and the other passengers.

Meanwhile, I’m at our home airport to meet them only to find the Braniff gates dark and unstaffed and no notice of what has happened. I only discovered what was going on when a local news crew showed-up to get a bunch of “reaction” video of people being told the news.

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As a boy I was lucky to have flown on Braniff a few times. Out of nostalgia a few years ago I got these:

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