Animation of every Olympic 100m dash winner racing one another


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Of the 30 fastest 100m times ever, nine – including the top three – are by Bolt. The other 21 were run by athletes who have tested positive at some point for doping.


I don’t get those people who get angry at Bolt just because he does stuff like “waving to his mom” and “posing for the cameras” while he’s still in the middle of breaking a world record. Like, how can that not make you love him even more??



I find it amusing that he puts forth just enough effort in the qualifying heats to get to the medal run.


It did seem a tad unprofessional when he wouldn’t put down Pokémon Go during that first race.


I really prefer the long-distance running.
How can you not like Mo Farah?


Including the eventual, holier-than-though, :flag_us:, 1988 gold medalist…


Could you imagine working your whole life just to end up as one of “the other guys” in that picture?



Damn, Lindy Remigino, get the lead out!


Does anyone know if the white guy slump of the 50s is a coincidence?


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