Anime Lord of the Rings in the works

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So how big would Gollum’s eyes end up actually being?


When his mouth his open and crying and large, very small.

When his mouth is closed and tiny, and he is cringing pathetically, very big.


The real anime Lord of the Rings will…

“real” here to make a proper break with the unfortunate Rankin/Bass 1977 treatment?


Most people assume he was some kind of Thor-like Nordic warrior but the helmet-and-hammer thing were just part of the package as one of the best contractors in Middle Earth.


The cartoon pic trend is all over FB right now. I wonder if the app is exfiltrating data like the age progression one a while back. Then again, all our data is out there already, so what’s another?

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Tolkein’s remains have now attained an rpm of 10,000…


I enjoyed the movies but when they came out it was clear that they were the first step down a long path to a nadir that will include a sitcom based in the Shire with a laugh track and a mid-tier comic trying to act.

How long before there is LOTR hentai? Or is there already? (I am afraid to look).

“Do you like what you doth see…?” said the voluptuous elf-maiden as she provocatively parted the folds of her robe to reveal the rounded, shadowy glories within. Frito’s throat was dry, though his head reeled with desire and ale.

She slipped off the flimsy garment and strode toward the fascinated boggie unashamed of her nakedness. She ran a perfect hand along his hairy toes, and he helplessly watched them curl with the fierce insistent wanting of her.

“Let me make thee more comfortable,” she whispered hoarsely, fiddling with the clasps of his jerkin, loosening his sword belt with a laugh. “Touch me, oh touch me,” she crooned.