Anker Astro gen2 6000mAh portable battery




There’s another solution. Baked into some smart phones now days, but I had to root mine. You can run a CPU governor to underclock your phone CPU when it’s not doing intensive tasks. You can set it for performance or power saving. I have mine go into extreme power saving when the battery gets low.

If you are watching videos or playing games, it won’t help. But with just calls and text messaging, I went from once a day charging to once every 4-6 days. This like going from a 2300mAh battery to a 10,000mAh battery.

Oh, and shutting off stuff you aren’t using at the time (like GPS, Wifi, or data network) can help quite a bit, with or without a CPU governor.


I have one of their 10,000 mAh packs. Works like a charm. It’s almost pocket-sized (if you have big pockets), but I generally toss it in my small travel bag because I only ever really need it when I’m going to be away from power for a whole day or more. The only bummer is forgetting to recharge the battery pack.


I also have one of their older packs, but I notice as it ages (I’ve had it about a year), it no longer puts out enough current to charge my 1st gen Nexus 7 at the same time I’m using it. That is, I have to turn the Nexus 7 “off” or really-off to charge. Is that typical for these kinds of packs?

I also notice that it doesn’t seem to charge all the way on the first go. If I unplug it for a second, then plug it back in, that seems to let it charge the rest of the way, but it’s a bit frustrating that it doesn’t do that on its own.

It makes me feel like I need a battery pack for my battery pack! :slight_smile:


I’d say everything except my Nikon camera batteries seems to give up around 20% after a year. Worthless by the end of year 2 in most cases and batteries need replacing.


To be fair, I think trickle charging while using the tablet is hard to do to begin with.
I’ve seen mine discharge quicker than charge when connected to my computer’s usb port as well.

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