Announcing the Catalog of Missing Devices: the amazing stuff the DMCA has strangled in its cradle

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Maybe they just don’t become available until humans unlock the post-capitalism achievement.


Please, lecture me about the sancrosant status of fair-use in the age of face-swap porn.


There were several posts on BoingBoing about text-to-speech, back in the day.
and some very lively discussions in the comments on them.

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These products appear to be intended to compensate for missing features that manufacturers could easily incorporate into their original designs rather than “strangled” innovations. Of course, those features are missing because said manufacturers are pursuing profit, something something Late Stage Capitalism, etc. But it does not strike me that innovation in particular is being targeted and defeated here.

It seems reasonable to me that users who have a negative experience with widgets are going to be less likely to buy more widgets in the future, and that accordingly widget manufacturers can take at least some measures to prevent users from having such a negative experience. Maybe that means, say, making it difficult to use a cheap alternative replacement component – but if users are just going to stop buying widgets before they buy quality, official replacement components, what can be done?

Uhm … I can just add any of my own fonts to my Kobo e-reader and use them in an epub … I think this one should be taken out.

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