More DRM-bustin' stuff for the Catalog of Missing Devices, courtesy of EFF supporters

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Surely I’m not alone in that none of these things strike me as particularly useful, valuable, or innovative? Yes, it’s vaguely amusing when someone makes a clever riff on an old trailer, but there’s a certain art to it that I doubt machines will be able to effectively replicate anytime soon. “Well, DRM is hampering the development of such software!” is the obvious response. To which I reply, is that something you really want to do with such frequency that some purpose would be served in automating the task?

Casting Corrector makes me think of this:


Number 1 - “Software Scalpel” - exists already for Win32/Win64 applications; it’s called Resource Hacker and is an excellent tool for small scale messing with application layouts or translating UIs without source code.


Casting Corrector is already a thing- Of course, we’re using it for porn.


Sure, what family doesn’t love spending hundreds of hours in model and map making, animation, script writing, voice acting, and play testing?

Let your kids design textures, too, if you don’t mind hidden penises everywhere… or maybe not so hidden (NSFW).

I tried…

but because I trashed the exif data it failed me :frowning:

“You” as in me personally? Not so much, I’m not that creative. “You” as in a world of 7 billion people any one of whom might have an interesting idea at any given moment? Enormous potential, since automating the task only has to happen once. Building and designing software tools gets more valuable the larger the potential audience becomes.

Surely this statement is only true of the very simplest tasks, and practically anything else inevitably gets bogged down in debugging due to the combined forces of feature creep and edge cases?

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Half of 'em gotta be Netflix features. Already. Thing is, supposing you wanted to make sure your own running catalog was really gills-and-all a fatty, there ya go.

TBH not thrilled with the frequency at which I hear In-Camera-Edit suites (RED et al) are moving to GoPro and of course renewed one way or another for their own plan.

Software Scalpel - Load up the Software Scalpel and start slicing and dicing your favorite application that just has too many menus, too many options, and a cluttered interface! Download interface remixes put together by other users and simplify your apps. Boil them down to concentrated goodness, with just the pieces you actually use!



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