Anonymous source claims Stanford University "pressured" female swim team members not to tell judge about Brock Turner's harassing behavior


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so warning signs, but due to him being an athlete, the school looked the other way.

Not surprised anymore.



This stuff strikes me as very news-worthy.

One of the big questions is what kind of person Turner actually was. An average kid who due to a combination of alcohol, hormones, opportunity, and horrible judgement, did something out of character really terrible. Or a sexual predator who just happened to get caught that time.

The judge apparently believed the former. Evidence since then looks a lot more like the latter.


0% surprising.


A series of reports about this being a regular occurrence indicate the latter.

The judge doesn’t understand what a sexual predator looks like, nor does he care.


Yes. I mean, as awful as the Penn State thing was from even a single incident, it was the institutional-bureaucratic impulse of self-protection that made it the stuff of nightmares.



Goddammit, what an asshole.




College sports are religion and I can’t wait for the day (which will never come) when they’re divested from education.


Surely we have a better source for this…


Maybe Gawker can confirm.


Or maybe the Daily Mail?

[quote=“beschizza, post:1, topic:79947”]school officials told them to stay quiet.[/quote]I can’t see that Stanford would have much to gain by their silence. It’s not like they’re going to be able to somehow re-admit Turner at this point.

wanted to write to the judge

Wouldn’t it make a lot more sense to write to the prosecutor, or something?


PR purposes, liability for the school who knew of his activities and condoned them.


I totally agree. It could have set Stanford up for a whole lot of litigation, both by athletes and the federal government (Title IX).

Now, they might have a federal investigation along with a PR nightmare. We’ll see if their connections through the right-wing Hoover Institute helps them in any way.


Pleeeeeaaaaase Obama.


Black belt level Scumbag.


Maybe it’s because I only watch sports very occasionally- why does anyone think athletes are important? I mean I get, some of what they do truly is phenomenal and can’t be reduced to “they throw a ball good,” but so? Even if it’s truly astonishing that they can do these things, why do we idolize them to a point where they’re above reproach? They don’t do anything truly important. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of people do things I approve highly of that are not necessary for society to function, and I’m all for letting them continue doing those things, but they’re not like lungs. We don’t need these individuals for anything. They’re more like an appendix: Leave it alone, but if it gets infected, we can cut it out.

I leave you with this bit of levity reflecting the strangeness of our culture:

For non-USians who might have issues seeing the video or the video’s title, try searching “Key & Peele TeachingCenter” on ComedyCentral

ETA: Something to bear in mind: Consider the source. I tend to believe this is true, but InTouch isn’t a beacon of journalistic excellence. I’m happy to wait for another outlet to corroborate. I have a feeling it will be corroborated, but this is a gossip mag.


Ha. Took me a sec. Was worth the brain grunt.