UW cheerleader tryout photo with labeling - DO wear lipstick ... DON'T cover midriff

UW pulls cheerleader-tryout advice after angry backlash

Too much makeup? For an athlete, isn’t any makeup, too much makeup?


yeah, they accidentally pulled the veil back on that one.


This is so not up my alley, but I assume that those who’ve been cheering know this? I think the intent was to successfully recruit women who may be talented but unwise to the unwritten cheerleading audition codes. Anyway, this sounds more like dance auditions (pro sports) than real cheerleading (pyramids, jumping, backflips).

It makes me think back to “The Replacements” movie, in which so many unqualified individuals try out and she goes with the strippers. That was funny and then offensive and then funny again (stupid football players).


And what are “nude” lips? Really? Her lips are naked without cosmetics?

Aren’t I ashamed if I forget to purchase and apply the right corporate branding to my body so my presence in society can signify wholesome corporate identification and plausible rape culture denial?

It’s almost like someone in the coaches’ office is suffering from traumatic brain injury …


and trying like heck to subject the next generation to the same indifference.


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My fave cheer movie is Bring it On. :slight_smile:


I hope there is a matching poster for football try outs… Don’t cover those abs, men. And no visible tats or colored hair… Smoky, eyes, though…those might be OK… :smile:


Yeah, that’s about impossible these days. (Not that I’m tattoo-shaming!)

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Don’t assume they know that they (teenagers!) are encouraging themselves to be objectified sexually in the name of a different, higher goal (go team!), that they are being told about.

It doesn’t make it something taxpayers should be supporting.

UW dun goofed.

Except for the taxpayer support part, yes, very similar, but there is a critical difference. These women are there for educations. The professionals are there to get PAID.


Well, when they say to cover as little as possible, and then say no visible tats… kina makes that hard.

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At least they got tired of not being aboveboard about the total objectification of these women.

They are being told they are objects that must meed these criteria first. And that it would be a waste of everyones time to NOT fit the MOLD.

You know, the MOLD. How women are supposed to be.

How did Whitman put it? “To increase the comfort of the female creature, occasionally whisper upon her ear ‘This will be over soon’ or urge her to think deeply upon the wonders of childbirth that Jesus Christ shall bestow upon her should she be worthy and fulfill the duty of her womb in intercourse.” (h/t to @thirdworldtaxi)


And also endorsing rape culture that normalizes privileged male entitlement while trivializing girls as passive bystanders defined in relation to male activity — no matter how unjustifiably risky, exploitive and violent that activity is.


am i the only person who just doesn’t understand why there are cheerleaders anymore?
"let us look at you but only if you look like this!"
this whole thing makes me so angry i have written and erased this post so many times.
i can’t even express what i’m thinking.
(likes to everyone else who is managing their feelings right now)


It sucks that people do that.

But We The People can change that, and we are. One steaming turd at a time.

Thank you for this awesome post.


Yeah, that’s the same argument we hear about all sports. So, it sounds like you have an issue with the actual sport of cheerleading.

As I said, it really wasn’t something that I wanted to do since I was a runner and a swimmer during my formative years. I had a mother who encouraged* participation rather than cheering on male athletes. (This was pre-cheer competition.)

*Encouraged being a mild term; she flat out told my sister, “No way in hell.”


at state funded universties that put out sexist bullshit like this.

#Fuck yes I do.


This is not encouraging participation.

Allowing everyone to join in, that’s encouraging participation.

This is only asking the red meat to self-select and walk itself to the slaughterhouse door, begging to be chosen.

It worked for Ted Cruz…

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I have no idea what your point is.


You’re also not asking. Hope that works out for you.