UW cheerleader tryout photo with labeling - DO wear lipstick ... DON'T cover midriff


much less hee hee hee though. Blech.


You might think so, but it appears to be a well developed market.

Whether it’s on the sidelines or in a major competition, a cheerleader always wants to look her best. With Yofi cheer makeup, you’ll stand out from the rest of the competition with our brilliant cosmetics customized to coordinate with your uniform.

Because we manufacture our own makeup, we are able to create the right look for your team at an affordable price. Mix and match our products for the perfect selection of cosmetics for your squad.


Because looking good to your masters is totally a professional sport! /s


I vaguely know of the existence of this side-trend because blue lipstick looks very strange.


i’m surprised they didn’t mention anything about body hair.
is that because cheerleader dna makes hair growth anywhere besides the head impossible?
or that’s just what they want to believe.


That’s a really good point. The model’s legs (and pits?) are totally shaved. Is it just implied? Like white, blonde and shaved?


at least no one is close enough to notice a bit of a mustache.
but in those shorts, better bleach that treasure trail.


Please. We wax.


i don’t.



:smiley_cat: :waxing_gibbous_moon:


Oops. I’m a brunette, too. Oh, well. I guess I won’t be cheerleading (but then, I’m over 50).


that one is a little drastic but still appropriate.


I wonder what kind of lip garments George Bush wore in college while cheering?[quote=“subextraordinaire, post:15, topic:77419”]
So, it sounds like you have an issue with the actual sport of cheerleading.
You really don’t want to go there. Cash-strapped athletics departments at many universities are desperate to get cheerleading classified as a sport, as this would save them money; they could drop women’s soccer or vollyball and remain Title IX compliant. So far the courts have ruled against them.


FWIW, at my kids’ high school, there are no cheerleaders. If girls want to be physically active with regard to a particular sport, they sign up for…that sport.


Interestingly, I’ve noticed that you often use one of my own long favorite gifs for expressing overwhelming annoyance or dismay:

Which means that I now have to resort to using alternate images to emphasize my disgust.


But this one was chosen specifically because the topic is just that mind-numbingly moronic and audacious…


and that’s how it should be.
women’s sport is already all but swept under the rug but we still have women LITERALLY standing, sorry dancing, on the side lines.
i’m not trying to knock the competitive version with all the gymnastics and tumbling involved.
that shit is crazy and you have to be committed and train to do it well and safely.
i’m talking about short skirts and pom poms (i’m aware they aren’t mutually exclusive)


I think college athletics should be limited to intramural.

That’s so grotesque. I didn’t realize those arguments had been litigated!

Any circuit court cites?

I think a sport that’s no good after 50 isn’t really a sport. That’s a conclusive proof.


This is the case I was thinking of:

After this ruling Quinnipiac tried getting around the ruling by changing the cheer squad into an “acrobatics and tumbling team”, but in 2013 this idea was nixed by the court:

Another relevant example is University of Maryland, I think the first university to try to relabel cheerleading as a varsity sport. Since it was never approved for use in Title IX counts they eliminated cheerleading altogether in 2012.