Another awesome cookbook from Mary and Vincent Price


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ome of the earlier recipes take some cooking tools we don't much use any longer, and probably were not a whole lot easier to find in 1969, but you certainly get a feel for how regionality and availability of foodstuffs has changed over the several hundred years this catalogs.
*Spoiler Alert:* The ingredient that gives Opium Chicken its kick is lead salts.


Do not confuse this with Larry Flint’s similarly titled tome.


I’m super stoked about all the old school cook books getting re-released. The Price ones are supposed to be awesome. And this:

is coming out soon.

I also recently received a nice vintage Graham Kerr book from before he quit drinking. Was my grandfather’s favorite TV cooking person back in the day. Its loaded with recipes for organ meats.


but I like my clocks al dente better


Just a note about home-brew. Wine is not brewed. It goes from the mash straight to fermentation and skips the brewing step you use for beer. Beer is brewed by steeping or boiling grains, which converts their carbohydrates to sugar. Wine uses grapes, of course, which contain natural sugars that do not need to be converted first. Therefore, the brewing step is not necessary.

I do like the cookbook, though, and I’m adding it to my wish list.



You have to love the completely impossible arrangement of tape spools.


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