The Mid-Century Supper Club revives kooky recipes of yore


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Looks awesome! I don’t think I could ever spend that much time on food, though…


Yes it was ugly unappetizing food, but most people were thin back then. Maybe this the secret to lower the obesity rates?


This sounds like an acid trip nightmare… too bad i’m not local


What makes those old recipes even weirder is the old school photo and printing making the colors muted and off.


Definitely! That ‘food’ was certainly vaguely evil looking, but the really bad photography just added to the stomach-churning charm.


The secret was cigarettes and amphetamines.

I’m certain that this food is not healthy.


This looks like good, inedible fun, but I really have to wonder if these ladies are recreating an experience that never really existed.* I’m betting the nuttier agglomerations in the women’s magazines of the time rarely, if ever, made appearances outside the food photographer’s studio. Anyone here have clear memories of such things?

  • and yes, I know that’s not the point.



I still remember my first time trying that. That mixture is ‘salad’ the way Sunny Delight is ‘juice’. A sugary abomination that only a heavy dose of cannabis could compel me to eat. Maybe.

Ambrosia is a perfectly ripe Asian pear.


Ah, so you are a mustard person?



My grandmother was a master of the composed Jell-O salads that are a mainstay of these potlucks – fruit and veggies suspended in tall towers of green or red gelatin, and sometimes she’d even do an aspic tower, with bits of meat floating in the clear gel.


Perhaps she knew my grandmother?

I read that as “inflict upon the other guests”

Its as if Grandmother has been raised from the dead!

Somehow my local supermarket here in Japan got a shipment of Fluff. I bought out the entire display case.


An ex made ambrosia salad for thanksgiving, she was very proud of it and i felt compelled to have some to not hurt her feelings but it’s god awful.


I can well remember Jell-O and Kool Whip molds with suspended bits of (usually canned) fruit at many an officer’s wives club meeting and church potluck in the late 1960s and throughout the '70s, but not so much these canned meat, cheese and olive sculptures welded together with toothpicks. Maybe our circle of housewives was less creative than most?

I am now recalling a popular beverage at Mom’s get-togethers was a hot drink called “Russian Tea” made with Nestea instant tea and Tang. Now there’s a mid-century delight.


Well, clearly from the name, it wasn’t meant for mortals. The Olympians can have it!



With all that Fluff, you’re going to need this:



The recipe seems to eliminate the part where I need my foot cut off from the diabetic condition.

But it does sound delicious


Yeah, an insane amount of sugar!