Another World, 20 years on




Don’t think I played that game, but a similar one by the same company called Flashback took up many a night playing by me and my friend on a Sega. We loved the animated style of the character and the dynamic way he moved with his leaps, rolls, and especially how he whipped out his gun.


20? It’s only been 15 years since it ended.


It was just a very pretty Rick Dangerous.

Flashback was a much better game.


Yes. The point was it was revolutionarily pretty, but sucked game-wise. I think the link got that out of the way pretty fast.


I hadn’t RTFA :slight_smile: I was going to mention Dragon’s Lair, too.


Aaaah! Don’t remind me! It STILL rankles how hard that fucker was.


I found a playthrough guide on the internet and even with the guide it is incredibly difficult, plus there is a fair bit of developer moon logic to the puzzles, just like all good 90s adventure games. I think a lot of them assumed that because the world was so limited there weren’t that many combinations to try and you could eventually solve any puzzle with brute force. This fell apart pretty quick as computers got more powerful and game designers got more ambitious though.

I always described the gameplay as Prince of Persia meets Dragon’s Lair.


Too soon!


I don’t think I ever got far in it and recall it being a bit frustrating to play (not as frustrating as the French designed Captain Blood but on the same road). But it was very pretty.


I remember having some kind of CD with a bunch of demos on it including this. I don’t think I ever made it through even the demo.


Another World and Flashback are awesome, and Prince of Persia which was similar in some ways, graphically. Those were the days. I bought a Mac port a year or two back of AW and quickly grew tired of it’s insane difficulty. The intro will always be a classic, though!


How about Shadow of the Beast?

I still remember the cheat for the second one, but even with that I never got far (mostly die to getting bored).


That was DANK :slight_smile:


#16 for remade ones in real life. :wink:


LOL Holy shit! I’m sending that to my brother right now, he’s going to die heheheh


I really liked Another World. I had it for PC/DOS back in the day. I thought the gameplay was pretty original, the whole laser gun battles and shield generating. The various puzzles, and the smooth animations. I never thought the game was particularly difficult. May it was challenging, but that made it fun.

I’ve got a copy of it on my OUYA that has revised graphics that can be switch back you forth to the original graphics.


What I want to know is what is this thing that moves in a foreground in one of the scenes, I believe in prison. Looks like some strange weapon rack.

Also, I did a video feature on this one:
(YouTube version with subs that were never integrated.)


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