Antarctica's massive gravity anomaly explained by UFO enthusiasts


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We Trust in Trump™ to send exploratory drilling rigs, to help research and extract what is presumably buried alien oil!!




I know how this ends.


Drill baby drill!


Interesting how they can sound so sciency, with all sorts of science words that I don’t understand, because it’s so full of sciency science. It must be true!


"Some people say. . . "

This phrase is apparently the single biggest source of news on the internet.


The truth is out there.


I want to believe


Pfft. It’s just the other Stargate.


How can there be a massive gravity anomaly when the Earth is hollow?


It’s a crash-landed Culture ROU, and when the ice caps melt, it’s gonna surface, draft us all into SC, and we get to wear nifty power armour and take turns punching every member of all our governments right in the squishy bits. Pow! Like that! And again! Your turn! POW!
(also, Drug Glands For Everybody! Wooo!)


Flat. The word you’re looking for is flat.


No, Hollow Earth is a whole other conspiracy theory.

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