Anti-coup protesters in Thailand adopt 'Hunger Games' 3-finger salute


Is there any connection between that and the Boy Scout salute?

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When Boy Scouts do the salute en masse it is a call for silence.
“Signs Up!” = “Shut Up!”

Like I said when I posted about it on the BBS, unlike a Fawkes mask, you don’t have to buy your three-finger salute from The Man.




dyb dyb dyb

Yeah, but how will anyone know that you’re rebelling against the corporate state without your officially licensed merchandise?

The old people didn’t see the movie. They’re sort of throwing Westside gang signs.

I’m kind of amazed at these (and to some degree our own Us-ian) tyrannical “leaders” who think that they have a rat’s chance in hell of truly suppressing anything like this, and that it won’t EVER blow up in their faces.

“well, we could make a simple hand gesture illegal… Or saying certain things… That’ll surely stop it and help contain our little protest problem, not strengthen it in the long run…”

Military juntas never have even the remotest sense for irony.

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