Anti-masker hilariously digs his own hole after hearing about his own cognitive bias

I find no joy in this man’s ignorance and bullying.

It’s just sad.

I think the interviewer did a poor job, there is no point in talking about Dunning-Kruger. A better method would be to ask questions.

This right here, the interviewer could have asked but isn’t what you are describing your immune system doing its job?


The simplest explanation is that I’m an idiot.


I remember that as one of my favorite episodes as a kid, I must have been around 8 yrs old and it jumped started my brain looking for other instances of what I called at the time “mistaking beliefs”


Occam’s pretty pissed. You just blunted his razor.


There’s a reddit for people like this with a spectacular name: /r/selfawarewolves


“The simplest explanation is that I am an idiot.”

I have used this line countless times. It never works out just so. Least of all when used aggressively.

It does seem if more people could be given a safe space to confess: “I am an idiot” then maybe more people could come to grips with reality.

I mean to err is human. We all make boneheads of ourselves, even the very keenest of us, everyone makes mistakes.

I like how it somehow. “The simplest explanation is I am an idiot, Right?”

Did I misquote? I think being “an idiot” has become far too taboo. Everyone seems to feel compelled to be “right” all the time.

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Oregano oil has been around for centuries, has long folk use, and might end up being of legitimate medical use. Thymol, from thyme, has been well studied and is in use as a conventional antifungal, antiseptic and pesticide, with minimal toxicity shown. It’s not unreasonable to look at other members of the mint family with similar long term use to see if similar properties might be identified. It’s of course jackassery to expect your oregano mouthwash to prevent/cure covid.


I read this comment before watching the video, and then expected it to be a video about someone realizing masks are good.

Reading the comment first actually ended up making it so much funnier.


The no-mask guy is a dum dum, but neither person in this video is actually making a point. It’s the owning of all by all.

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the implication of your statement is that somehow – literally magically – an herb might just be the cure to covid, we just have to wait and see.

it’s not and it won’t be.

wear a mask, practice social distancing, do not gather with people who are not in your household already. it’s really that simple. [ edit: oh, yeah. and take the goram vaccine when it’s available to you ]


The whole thing kinda reminds me of one of the early tweet exchanges.


Note that he says, paraphrasing: ‘… after 10 days the covid symptoms will be gone…’.
First of all, just because the symptoms might be gone doesn’t mean you are cured.
Secondly, 10 days seems to be the length of time a mild case seems to last.
In neither case does this necessarily mean that you aren’t still capable of spreading it, something that seems beyond this snowflake’s ability to comprehend.
Occam’s Razor, indeed…
I will be getting my 2nd dose on Friday; even after the time period it should take effect, I will still be double-masking & will do so until told it is safe not to do so.
I have no patience with those anti-maskers that claim to have some sort of medical excuse not to wear a mask… I have COPD, you fuckers!
If I can wear TWO masks, then you can bloody well wear one!
Gorram snowflakes!


Is cod liver oil back yet? I am nostalgic for all the old homespun remedies that don’t work, but fill you with a wonderful self-confidence, right before you succumb to polio or smallpox or some other shit that we knocked down with vaccines.


Nah, that is not the implication, please do not put words in my mouth. I took the vaccine, urge everyone else to do so, am wearing a mask as I write this, and do social distancing. It is also good for scientists to do decent plant biology, as things such as thymol, taxol and other unknown drugs may one day be of use for various medical applications. He asked why the nutbar was obsessed with oregano. If you think you know everything about oregano, and you’re not a plant scientist, you are deluded. If you are a plant scientist, you are aware you don’t know everything about the various species of oregano, certainly not everything about potential medical benefit of extracts and related compounds. There are compounds of interest in many plants that may one day be drugs, or that may give us related compounds that may one day be drugs. Centuries of consumption can sometimes mean that the plant is relatively nontoxic. Though opium, coca and tobacco also had centuries of use, and they’re not safe. There is certainly no reason to think that Covid-19 would be one application for any of the plants/drugs mentioned. Drugs and Medicine Made From Plants

ETA: If I was not clear, I will repeat what I said in my initial comment “It’s of course jackassery to expect your oregano mouthwash to prevent/cure covid.”


So is it herb immunity?


i’m not. i was letting you know how it read.

actually, that wasn’t your initial comment. and while you did post that later – even the implication there when coupled with what else you said leaves open the idea that oregano might be useful in some fashion.

it is not.


lol. well played. :slight_smile:


Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner! Give the moran a cigar!


Since you’re doubling down on misconstruing what I’m saying, I will try and be clear.
Covid is a lethal virus that is best combatted by means expressed by the
CDC, but nothing to do with oregano.
Plant science is of interest, and occasionally compounds have medical or other useful implications.
Oregano is a plant that has been used for centuries in the diet and as a folk medicine, and it’s neat to read microbiological, biochemical studies and the potential implication of related compounds in treating disease, or understanding as how it works as a food preservative, how it’s use in animal feed could theoretically ameliorate the use of antibiotics. ETA: Since you seemed solicitous of my health, in that you felt it necessary to tell me to wear a mask, get vaccinated and social distance, I will extend the favor. Look both ways before you cross. Use your seatbelt. Don’t smoke. Exercise. Read some science. Don’t eat sharp steel spikes. Remember that assumption is the mother of fuck-up.

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Dollars to donuts, somebody has that trademarked.


This is my issue with the I’m-not-afraid-of-Covid-and-you-can’t-make-me-wear-a-mask crowd. The one’s I’ve encountered make the argument that the only people who have died were people with comorbidities and who didn’t live a healthy lifestyle to begin with. They claim that all you have to do is eat right, exercise, take good care of your immune system, and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

When I ask them how they know when a person’s immune system is strong enough to deal with a case of COVID, they struggle to come up with a sensible answer. They best they can come up with is “if it’s strong enough, you’ll survive.”

Just another sign of the incredibly prevalent syndrome - people who are unable or are unwilling to think critically.