Anti-muslim activist Pamela Geller banned from Twitter

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Thoughts and prayers. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer more deserving person bottom-feeder.

Wow, that was tough to compose.


It says a lot about Twitter that it took them this long to ban this long-standing hatemonger.


I’m sure that she can always find a microphone somewhere.


…and that, as a Rob pointed out, she got banned for trying to jump on the election lie bandwagon, not for spewing racism for 19 years. I’m glad Twitter finally has a line, but it’s still way too hard to cross. Election fraud talk seems to be the only place they’ll moderate anything.


that’s the really bizarre thing about “cancel culture”, it seems as if the “canceled” ones become ubiquitous on fox, newsmax, wall street journal, the various networks sunday morning shows. with some of them it’s almost like we can’t escape them, more’s the pity.


In their world, you really can only get your name out there by being cancelled.


Election fraud talk seems to be the only place they’ll moderate anything.

A couple of billion dollar lawsuits from deep-pocketed companies have mighty curious effects, huh?


I wonder how much overlap there is between the people who think Muslims shouldn’t be allowed to have a mosque anywhere near the World Trade Center and the people who believe 9/11 was a false flag operation carried out by our own government.


About time. She should have gotten the boot years ago.


Unsuccessful. Delays in the project were caused by funding issues from what I understand. And the project shifted from the building being entirely an interfaith center with Mosque and Islamic reading room to a condo development with a Museum and Interfaith spaces and Islamic prayer spaces and reading room at the ground level.

Last I heard they still hadn’t even broken ground on the building, and I’m not sure if the plan is still to construct a new one. But the organization runs multiple Interfaith groups, prayer spaces, and gasp a Mosque out of rented or borrowed space in the area around Ground Zero. IIRC they were given space by Trinity Episcopal Church for a bit.

I worked with the group behind the project a bit at one point. Very nice people. Apparently Gellar and the right wing fury threw up some extra hurtles but the major reasons it hasn’t happened yet have more to do NYC’s preference for luxury housing above all else, and the costs and value of the real estate.

It’s entirely possible it won’t happen at the Park 51 space/lot whatever the state of it is. But if that’s the case it’ll be the same fuckery that’s kept huge chunks of the financial district from being properly reassembled after 9/11. It’s not the only thing down there that’s had a sensible thing spooling forever and slowly morphing into a bunch of luxury condos.


Anti-muslim activist bigot

Fixed that for ya, Rob.


If you are anti 1.5 billion people, then you need to reconsider your life choices.

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