PayPal bans Laura Loomer, noted racist troll grifter


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“They want me to be homeless and die!,” Loomer cries on Instagram as she asks fans to send her $40,000.


Well I have to say I don’t hate her. I’ve never even heard of her. Sounds like she’s said some appalling things.


Isn’t she the one who handcuffed herself to the doors of a twitter building in NYC last year?

Yes and she wore a yellow star while she did it, because being kicked off twitter is exactly like the Holocaust!


So she’s got an Instagram account? Hmmmm… time to ask them if they’re cool with her racist line of business




Oh that lady. Ha ha.





Anyone got some of those hyper-inflated Zimbabwe bills lying around? I think a couple of those would be PERFECT to send to that address she thoughtfully provided.


Just send her Xeroxes of dollar bills, or Monopoly money.


With over 5k likes in two hours, she bears watching, even if nobody over here has heard of her.

I mean, I WISH I’d never heard of her, but she has an audience, and her content is “political”, and she encourages her audience to vote like a bunch of pig-headed trolls. So keep an eye out and engage carefully, her motives aren’t that deep and her followers are fanatical.


So apparently she’s also one of the slacktivists that disrupted Shakespeare in the Park last year.
Seems like maybe she’s a literal Jackass-for-hire; she’ll stage dramatic high profile stunts for likes and tip money.
Maybe we should set up a Kickstarter to see if she’ll take requests for her next performance? Like, I could pitch in a few bucks to watch her do the bird box challenge or do something with a Tide pod…



proceeds to list reasons


Wait - does Thiel know about this? Because I imagine he’ll be pissed when he finds out.


Quote Laura Loomer " How am I supposed to pay my bills? I can’t get a regular job because I have been accused of being a Nazi."

Sympathizer more like. Best of luck.


And jumped the fence of Nancy Pelosi’s property to try to get into her house, to show how ineffective walls are. No, wait, my mistake, to demand an ineffective wall*.
It’s kind of hard to remember all the bullshit stunts she’s committed.

*Which, it turns out, was far shittier than I realized at the time:

Christ, what a fucking asshole.


Sending her my thoughts and prayers


Sure, but more importantly what’s their nipple policy?


Wow. Instagram really needs to incorporate a character count limit.

“… nearly $40,000 of credit card debt I acquired from trying to pay for my investigations & videos…”

So… they haven’t been paid for? Is she Trump adjacent in that way? The credit card companies may want to stop extending her credit. If she has to beg her way out of debt, she strikes me as a bad risk.

As for the debt she racked up, who asked her to do that? And if nobody did, why is it anyone else’s problem but hers?

I’m tempted to send her a postcard. Just have to think of the right message.


shhh… Can you hear that? That’s the world’s smallest violin, playing just for her.