Anti-surveillance protesters fly internet freedom blimp over NSA data center



This is indeed delightful.


For older NSA/Balloon lols, here’s Mark Thomas from 1999.

And an archive of the Menwith Balloon Tours website.

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Hey if I was living at my parent’s I could of seen that from my house!

[insert meta-joke about being seen by NSA at all times]

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I don’t know what’s worse for prying and spying: parents or the NSA.


When I grew up, the whole household shared one land line. But my parents only recorded the metadata.


Now, if you could haul up some 250lb bombs and let 'em go, we’re really be talking.

How is it not already illegal to overfly the NSA facility?

They hate us for our freedoms, after all!

Freedom Fries!

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I think they’re just next-to-flying it

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I’m going to start a side business remanufacturing dolls, just so I can legitimately say ‘I’m expecting a shipment of arms’ on the phone.


Hell yeah! It’s the goddamn FREEDOM BLIMP muthafuckas!

We know how the US Gov. reacts to such slights: someone will be shot at and/or lifelong treason sentences will be handed out … because of freedom…


Better be. Remember about 10 years back, the guy who crashed his plane into an IRS building rather than pay his taxes? I’m surprised they didn’t scramble fighters for this one.

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/twitch[quote=“DloBurns, post:4, topic:35823”]
I could of seen that

Could’ve is short for ‘could have’.

I think I can blame my utah-lazy-tongue accent. By the way, if you need to find me I live on the moun’ain next to the crick

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