Anti-Voting Propaganda Discussion

For someone calling themself “grandpa” you seem to be unbelievably ignorant of the last 60 years of history.


I can’t wait to hear the list of grievances against Kamala Harris :thinking:


Clearly the only rational takeaway from 2020 is that the Democrats (who won 51.3% of the popular vote) are far more out of touch with the voters than the Greens (who won 0.3% of the popular vote).

Seriously though—it’s pretty rich for a Green Party voter to claim the Democrats are the ones bleeding voters when even Jo Freaking Jorgensen beat the Green Party candidate by a ratio of more than 4 to 1.


Jesus - that’s about 2-3 times smaller than the transgender vote.

I’m calling identify politics on them.


“identity politics” “both sides” and then this:

Is that a bingo?


The ironic thing is that the Green Party, if they really wanted to make things better in practical, day-to-day terms instead of punishing Democrats for not being progressive enough by handing national offices to Republicans, could run a lot more candidates at the city and state level. It would certainly make it easier to take them seriously if they at least had a good number of seats in state legislatures.


You mean ‘Kamala the Kop’?
I’m surprised you’re not aware of her criticisms from the Left.
She’s regarded as someone who is all ambition with no defining principles.

She was second fiddle to Amy Klobuchar, whose veep hopes crashed and burned with the death of George Floyd.

I’m not sure why Biden didn’t actually go with Stacey Abrahams. I didn’t care much for her, either, but at least she was liked!

(And before someone raises the spectre of sexism, keep in mind I voted for Jill Stein 2008 and 2016.)

You voted for a woman… so you can’t possibly be sexist; I bet “you have Black friends,” too.


So, you’re one of those people just throwing your votes away.

Thanks a bunch.


It’s just a coincidence that all of the people he says he didn’t care for as potential running-mates were women, surely.


Women of color.


I am well aware of those criticisms, but they are mostly coming from right-wing false-flag sources, which in turn are mostly coming from Russia, which in turn is trying to destabilize our democracy.

And her name is Stacey Abrams, not Stacey Abrahams.


…and now they’ve come full circle. It’s the Circle of Bullshit.


Funny how “ambition” is—almost by definition—a defining personality trait of every person who has ever sought the Presidency, yet it’s usually only framed as a negative when applied to female candidates.

Heck, The Onion did a whole bit on that fifteen years ago:

Oh, that settles it then. Just like how no one who voted for Obama had a racist bone in their body, even the ones who later voted for Trump.

Forget the fact that in order to earn those votes Obama had to be a statesman, a scholar, an athlete, an author, a pious Christian, a loyal husband and a thousand other things while Trump just had to be “not that shrill b**** Hillary.”


The bingo card is full here. There’s no need to drag this out any further.