Any recent issues with the ignore feature?

So it seems like now, when clicking on hidden content (from an ignored user), one can now see the comment, instead of seeing a post with hidden content on it. If one does not click on the hidden content, one ends up with unread in that particular thread. I’ll also note that it seems like if ignored person replies to you, you can now see the reply, even if you don’t want to.

I don’t know if this was intentional or if it’s loophole, but I just wanted to note it.

[ETA] thought I’d tag @codinghorror and @sam so that they can be made aware of this and give me more info on it.


I am not following. So ignored posts are no longer click to reveal as before?

Do you mean if the hidden post is the last post in the topic? There is an edge case around unread with that at the moment.

Do you mean notifications? Do you mean a reply that arrives while you’re idling in the topic, or a reply that already exists in the topic?

I need to break this out into its own topic. Anyone else seeing changes to ignore behavior?

I tested it on and ignoring users definitely suppresses their posts in the topic, like so


Quotes within posts are suppressed after ignore, too.

Before ignoring testguy1

After ignoring testguy1

Aha, I think I see the issue. Replies from an ignored user inserted in real time when you are idling in the topic are not correctly suppressed. We fixed this in the past but it must have regressed.

Is this what you mean?

There still aren’t any notifications, as you’d expect, etc and the replies are properly suppressed if you refresh the page or re-enter the topic.


No notifications, so that’s working fine. It’s when I click on the it used to just say “hidden content”, now I just see the whole comment. I did this so that it cleared out my unread comments in a thread. So, I think I do mean second example. If I don’t click on hidden replies, it gives me unread comments, but if I do, I see the comments… it used to not show the full comment, and now it does…

Does that make sense?


Can you define what you mean by this? As long as you have read posts “below” the hidden posts the read position and unread state should be correct.

The only issue I am aware of is when the last post in the topic happens to be a hidden post. Is this the case you are referring to?

What exactly are you clicking on, can you please clarify? Are you clicking on


Why would you not expect to see the hidden content when you click on “view hidden content”? I don’t understand.

Because it did not do that before. I would click on them, it said hidden content, and it cleared out my unread for that thread.

Never mind. don’t worry. I’ll just deal with having unread threads now.

You haven’t answered my question, though: do you mean when the hidden content is the last reply or replies in the topic?

We don’t have any other reports of this interfering with unread, except for that specific case.

Both. If there is hidden reply in the thread, whether it’s at the end or in the middle of the thread, it says that it’s unread. Okay… here’s an example…:

So, all the ones with blue, I just have not gotten to reading them yet. But see the one there in the middle (the Joseph Stiglitz thread), it’s going to stay unread, because of the hidden replies there, that I’ not clicking on. In thread itself, there is one at the very end and another a couple up from the bottom. So, it doesn’t matter where in the thread it is.

It used to be that you’d click on the hidden content and it would give you just hidden content again, but you’d clear it as being read, but not anymore.

Does that make sense?

It does actually matter. If there’s an ignored post at the end of the topic, this will happen. If not, this will not happen.

Watch. I’ll reply to that topic.

That is interesting, if it worked it was a side effect!

Okay, are you saying that it will only stay unread if it’s at the bottom on the topic? I guess I’m confused by what you mean?

Was that not how you intended it to work? I wish I had a screen shot saved, but I don’t, I’m afraid. All I can say is that that how it worked for me when you first rolled it out. I could click on the hidden content in the thread, it would show me what would normally be the content (like any other reply would look), but inside the box would just be “ignored content”. I could clear it as read. That no longer seems to be the case…

If you guys intend for the original comment to still be there if and when we click on it, can you tell me why you decided to have it like that? At the end of the day, if that’s the intention, then okay. I’m not personally a fan, just FYI.


I’m just a user like you in this case, but I would presume “hidden” would work the same as, say, hidden posts due to flags. They’re hidden, you can click on it if you want, but it’s hidden by default.

In terms of “do you want it that way?”, I’d suggest that there should always be a way for a user to choose to view a post if they want to, even if they’ve ignored the user. That’s how I had understood that feature to work from the beginning, so I bet the fact that expanding it didn’t actually show the content was probably a bug.

I don’t know how many more ways to say this? Let me try again.

  • if you have an ignored (hidden) post
  • that ignored (hidden) post is currently the last post in the topic
  • there can be issues with unread due to the last post being hidden


  • if you have an ignored (hidden) post
  • that post is NOT currently the last post in the topic
  • there are no known issues with unread

We are aware of the edge condition around the last post in a topic being hidden, but we weren’t sure how often that was realistically going to happen for people.

Okay, but it used to work differently, is what I’m saying.


Doing a bit of back and forth between @Mindysan33’s descriptions & screenshots and my own interface, I’m seeing the same thing. The unread never goes away, even after I’ve scrolled through the thread past the hidden post and it’s no longer the last post.

It is a new, different behavior as of a few days ago. And I think it’s probably due to the same user being ignored. Maybe a poster who had a temporary ban and returned?


Thank you. Yes.


@codinghorror: from what I gather, @mindysan33’s issue is not the same as the edge-case minor bug I brought to your attention in an earlier DM. It seems instead that the issue is as follows (ETA: not quite: see my next comment in this topic instead):

Mindysan puts User X on Ignore. User Y (unIgnored) replies to User X, quoting him. Mindysan sees the quoted bit as “Content Ignored” or the like. If she doesn’t click on the quoted bit to “peek” at it, User Y’s comment is seen as continuing to be unread by Mindysan. This is the case whether or not User X’s or User Y’s comment is the last in the topic.

One other factor here might be if User X has returned from a timeout or ban, which may throw things off. Reading between the lines and not experiencing a similar issue (no users on my Ignore list have received timeouts and returned AFAIK), that might be the case here.

It’s not with quotes. It’s what @DukeTrout described above. If I don’t click hidden content, I get unread threads. If I do, I see the comment. If that is how that’s supposed to work, then okay, that’s all @codinghorror needs to say. It is saying unread if I don’t click on the hidden replies, which is the same thing Duke’s seeing…


Thanks. So, to clarify, if you scroll past User X’s own hidden comment (as opposed to a quoted one) without clicking on it to “peek” then the system continues to see that comment as unread in the topic. This occurs whether or not it’s the last comment in the topic.

I’m not experiencing that myself. When I scroll past an Ignored user’s comment in a topic (usually without noticing it’s there – nice UI/UX work), it’s somehow registered as read (or perhaps not counted at all) without my having to “peek” at it, which I agree is how it should work. But I also don’t think anyone on my Ignore list received a timeout and then came back. Less likely, it might be a client/platform-related issue. If you can share your OS and browser with him here or in private it might help him figure out what’s going on.

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Exactly. This. Exact thing.


OK, as long as we can repro it, we will fix it!