Any way to download an archive of pre BBS comments?


I wouldn’t mind archiving all my old comments. Anyone know of a way to do this?




I think this might be it: Go to your users page, click Activity, and you can “download my posts” there.



That is true, but he said “pre-BBS” comments. So Disqus, effectively? Can’t you download your Disqus comments from Disqus?


Oh, right. We managed to ingest most disqus comments into our blog archives, so they are there. But it’s basically a mountain of sql in wordpress right now


teapot, we have 3,353 comments of yours in our pre-discourse archives. I don’t know how to make them portable but will look into it.


@beschizza Thankyou sir, much appreciated. The thought of mow many sql entries must be in the BB Wordpress db is the stuff of nightmares.


Weren’t @Ignatius and @japhroaig saying that something like this was fun the other day?

Set them on it, @beschizza


Sort of. :laughing: :sweat:


How many is the stuff of nightmares?

I freaked out a friend when I had a half a billion records on a MySQL db with 8gb of ram that would respond to most (not all) joins in milliseconds. Then right after that another friend asked me to do a multi to multi to multi join, my slight ego boost was lost.

I may have quietly muttered “hadoop” and walked away.


Sure if the indexes fit in RAM ain’t no thing. When your indexes no longer fit in RAM … you are in for a world of hurt.


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