Anyone Can Prep Delicious Meals With This App-Controlled Sous Vide Cooker That's Over 50% Off

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Anyone? That’s fantastic and timely news for the over 700,000 people being kicked off food stamps. Whew. Crisis averted.

Someone is failing math. $349 - 15% ≠ $169.99. I would guess the 15% is wrong, but the coupon code has “15” in it, not “50”, so I have no idea.

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> refrigeration system, which keeps food safe until you are ready to eat.

I think you’re kind of missing the point; it keeps food safe until you are ready to cook it. It’s pretty unlikely you’d want to refrigerate the food after you cook it. Sous vide gives you great latitude in cooking time, you can cook a steak to, say, medium-rare by setting the temperature to about 130 degrees, and then leave it at that temperature for anywhere from an hour to five hours. So this device lets you put the steak in the water in the morning, refrigerate until about an hour before you’re planning to arrive home and then heat up and cook, and have it ready to sear and eat when you arrive. If you’re delayed at work for a few hours, no problem.

It’s very clever. If we were still working, the refrigeration would be very handy. Since we’re retired and home all day, we’ll stick with the simple and cheaper kind of sous vide cooker.

I’ll admit I don’t see any reason for the weight detector.

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Ah, I remember backing the popular Anova sous-vide when it was on Kickstarter, and they promised to deliver an app to control it that would take all the guesswork out; you’d tell it what you were cooking and it’d do all the calculations.

They never made that app and delivered a crippled piece of hardware. No, I’m not bitter.

Maybe so you can monitor water level while away.

But who cares. Tank style sous vide machines aren’t good. Capacity issues and they tend not to circulate water as well as an immersion circulator.

And even with the “discount” this thing isn’t materially cheaper than the top rated home circulators are at full price. You can get an Anova on sale for $99 bucks pretty frequently.

That’s why the tank units have so rapidly fallen by the way side. Not as good, far more expensive.


A minimum of investigation reveals that while $350 may be the “retail” price of the unit, the BB store sells it for $200. The $170 is 15% off that figure.

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A minimum of copy editing would have made that clear in the initial post.

This innovative cooker retails for $349, which we normally sell for $200, but you can currently get it for $169.99 – saving yourself a bit above 50% off of retail – when you use the 15% discount code MerrySave15.

Great, should I place it between the air fryer and the toaster oven, or between the rice cooker and the waffle iron? Oh, I know, I’ll put it in front of the popcorn maker and behind the keurig, right between the panini maker and the instant pot!

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