Cook sous vide meals at home with this precision cooker

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this just got posted but shows as sold out/sale ended already.


Besides, Anova and Joule have better reputations

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Well, that looks fancier than my crock pot/STC-1000 combo.

Separate from which one’s best, I do love my Sous Vide circulator - I got one of the first ones to hit Kickstarter back a long time ago (Sansaire), and it’s still working along great, although I recommend anyone that asks to get an Anova.

I don’t cook with it every night, but it stores away reasonably well; I use it for steaks, carrots, fish, and a bunch of other stuff and probably should/could use it for a lot more.

Wow, these are getting close to reasonably-priced. I’m impressed. I expect they’ll cost about as much as a good crockpot in a few years.

Still not sure why I’d want to control it via smartphone, though.

(FYI, sous vide is fantastic. I love A1 sauce, and sous vide steaks are the only ones I’ve ever wanted to eat without it.)

I bought an Anova circulator, and I used it every night for about a week. After that, I haven’t touched it. I made steak with it, and I don’t know that it made it any better than I could do on my grill. I made carrots with it, and I was not knocked over by the carroty-ness of them like I was led to believe I would. Maybe I’m not doing it right, but I kind of feel like it’s a fad, and not worth the hassle. I’m willing to be convinced otherwise, though.

I didn’t realize that wasn’t a picture of an Anova until I saw this comment.

So, in essence, sous vide is about MOlST food?

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I await the followup story. :sunglasses:

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