Anyone know anything about clam bakes?

We’ll be doing a clam bake/boil on Sunday and while there’s plenty of info out there on how to do small ones on your stove top, and a bit on how to do it in a hole in the ground. There’s surprisingly little info on doing it in a huge pot over a high output propane burner. Which is weird because it’s the standard catering approach these days.

We’ve got a 60qt stock pot with steamer basket, and an appropriately sized bayou classic burner. We’ll be doing lobbster, 2 kinds of clams, mussels, corn sausage, and spuds. Maybe some shrimp.

I understand the theory is to just stack things in order of how long they need to cook. But with the large volume of stuff were cooking (12-14 lobsters) I can’t find any info on timings or recommendations on when to add what, etc. I’d prefer not to wing it.

Anyone have experience with this shit?

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