Christmas cooking plans?

Continuing the discussion from Thanksgiving Prep and Troubleshooting:

So what is everybody planning to make tomorrow, or whenever we’re celebrating whatever we’re celebrating for the solstice/Christmas/Festivus/whatever?

Ideas, suggestions, tips?

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Tamales, beans, corn, and a light salad. Should be low key.

Funny story: a friend of mine didn’t know you weren’t supposed to eat the husk. So he always politely did.


I alllllmost made the pea soup, but I had two objections. So I’m going to skip it this time, but I am going to sneak it on them in a couple of weeks. I know they are going to love it, but they aren’t going to have a choice when I eventually do make it.

So, tonight is real BBQ (pulled pork shoulder, smoked on mesquite 15 hours), with cole slaw, a nice big salad, and homemade carrot cake that a friend is bringing. Mother in law is bringing homemade brioche rolls for the BBQ.

Tomorrow is French onion soup, deboned turkey roulade (homemade sausage stuffing inside) with those asiago potato stacks again, a tomato-cucumber-red-onion salad, and a broccoli-cheddar casserole, and I’ll make a nice velouté instead of regular gravy.

Mother in law is making pie: key lime meringue and a favorite from down south here, cactus pie made with nopalitos and tiny diced jalapenos: spicy sweet! It’s all gonna be so effen good, whether we burn the turkey or not.

Whatchu making, Clifton?


Dammit you’re first, why are you always FIRST dammit? LOL

edit: the rest of us will die of colon cancer and your friend will live to be 140 because of his healthy fiber intake.


…follow your nose? Plus I have the day off.

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Roast beef.

Too lazy for Wellington this year.


I got some cornish game hens at the WinCo over the weekend and MrsTobinL has some sort of thing in planning for them. I will be making blueberry muffins this evening so I don’t have to deal with baking mess in the morning.


I just remembered I have vegetarians coming. So, luckily I am prepared.

  • duck tamales
  • garlic cheese veg tamales
  • beans and rice
  • veg samosas (still have filling and dough in the fridge)
  • chutney (mango chut and cranberry chut, already made)
  • mole (yeah, I’m buying it this year)

For new years I may just make a sandwich :smiley:


My daughter and her SO are back for the holidays, so we now have a pretty full house. That’s very nice. They’re both foodies, so they will appreciate experiments and may perform some of their own. The hanai daughter, the pickiest eater, asked for pasta. Well, OK.

The current plan is

  • Whole wheat pasta.
  • Plain tomato sauce or meat sauce (for the hanai daughter.)
  • Roasted apple and butternut squash pasta sauce for the rest of us. (I am creating an unholy hybrid of a soup recipe and a pasta sauce recipe, both of which are good so I think this is safe.)
  • Mashed sweet potatoes. (Request from my daughter.)
  • Honey-glazed onions. (Request from my son.)
  • Apple cobbler with a heavy streusel topping. (Request from hanai daughter.)
  • Possibly some champagne, possibly some chocolate stout.
  • Good cheer.

Maybe something else, don’t yet know what.

Edit: Oh yeah, roast carrots! (Request from Adam, the daughter’s SO)


Ooh, maybe I should try those asiago potato stacks. Those looked great.


Do it do it do it!!! They are SO good. I am skipping the food processor and chopping the potatoes by hand.

I wasn’t planning on doing anything, but then I realized we have a storm rolling in for the weekend and it’s going to be in the teens. With leftovers in mind:

  • Prime rib
  • Fingerling potatoes and cremiri mushrooms with rosemary and stilton.

mulligatawny. Essentially, I’ll be winging it, but it’s a lamb and lentil soup.


oven roasted turkey
spiral-sliced applewood smoked ham with a brown sugar/whole seed dijon glaze
dressing with bacon and pecans
rolls (rhodes brand, as close to scratch rolls as i’ve had in the freezer section)
al dente green beans
butter-fried sweet corn cut fresh off the cob
english style roasted potatoes
green salad
deviled eggs
dutch apple pie
pecan pie
italian cream cake
a pound of real butter
whipping cream
iced tea

three years ago we did homemade pizza
five years ago we did a fish fry
nine years ago we did tamales


we’re having 15 for lunch this year which explains the two meats.

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5 rib standing prime rib roast and a jiggs dinner onna side and trifle. :wink: and some cava to drink!


I’m working today and tomorrow, so for Christmas, I’m grabbing breakfast at the local diner (which will be open!), and getting a sandwich to go for lunch.

Saturday, I’m cooking an 18lb turkey, stuffing, peas, bananna bread, candied yams, mashed potatoes, and quite possibly a pie.


Bought the yukons, bought some cotija to grate on top since I couldn’t find asiago in the store today, so now I am committed to trying it. They were out of fresh thyme, but I have fairly fresh dried thyme, and may try some other herb combos if I get inspired.

For dinner tonight, we had cauliflower that was getting old and I had to use up, so I trimmed it and tossed in olive oil and threw it in the oven to roast while I figured out what else to do that wouldn’t be too complicated for my starving self. I came up with the idea of roast vegetable tacos - added some cubed butternut to them in the oven, caramelized a couple onions while it was cooking, and reheated some black beans. All served on reheated tortillas. Excellent combo, though it could have used a little seasoning of some kind.


Dang, sounds great!


Going to my aunts, so I’m just bringing some roasted veggies (zucchini, yellow squash, maybe yukon gold potatoes) with us and a bottle of wine (merlot).