What's for dinner?

Dinner is, of course, my favourite food, closely followed by my second favourite food, more dinner.

So this thread is just that. What you are you making for dinner? Haute cuisine? Some mad experiment in gastronomy? Back-of-the-cupboard stew? Powdered mash potato and gravy? Just beer?

I don’t judge, as I might want a dinner invite one day. :fork_and_knife: :wine_glass:

Here at Casa de Martian, we’re rocking old school roast beef, roast taters and veggies tonight.
What are you lot having?


Tonight’s dinner was smoker-cooked sirloin cheeseburgers with shredded bacon folded into tge ground beef, with avocado slices and sautéed onions.

We also had Samuel Adams.

My second dinner at the moment is malt liquor in a densely forested park at midnight, listening to frogs croaking.


Dunno which sounds better. Love a good burger, but late night grog in the woods… tough call.


Love me summa dat powdered mash and gravy! Throw some grated cheese on top and I’m there.


Sous vide, flash fried Rib eye and heavily buttered mash with kale and spinach and a boatload of creamy peppercorn sauce tonight!


Heh, I have a pair of gen2+ nvgs that I’m using to spot critters as well.

I’m saving up to buy a thermal scope as well. Thermal IR is much better for spotting stuff in Washington state’s dense temperate rainforest ecosystems.


Sounds really tasty. Hope you enjoyed it.

Sometimes I am more ambitious, but tonight I had a turkey patty with some yellow mustard “to cut the sameness” as my dear old mom would say. Dessert, baby carrots with “natural” peanut butter, that is, just peanuts and a little salt.


Sounds better than what I eat most of the time. Most weekdays, I have toast for breakfast at noon, a slice of pizza for dinner at 6pm, and maybe a grilled cheese sandwich or a Dick’s burger and fries for dinner at 2am.

Sometimes I change it up and have roasted mushrooms and peppers for lunch instead.


I’m kind of afraid to ask what goes into one of them…

I could see that making a good side-dish, too. Neat idea.


Dick’s is a Seattle establishment created in a time before the word “Dick” was a sexual innuendo (and out the other)

Dick’s claim to fame is never (read rarely) changing their prices. A Dick’s cheezburger costs $1.60 and has had that price since 1965. Also they use peanut oil for everything, so whatever they sell tastes amazing no matter how gross te original ingredients are.

Also, they’re the only place open till 2am when I roll into town after work besides the shitty grocery store and Jack in the Box (whose food gives me hives for a reason I have yet to figure out)


Yeah, see, I’ve got impulse-control issues with feed lines… It’s a problem sometimes. Fortunately, Mrs. M. is always ready with a well-placed elbow and a sharp look. :blush:

That’s actually pretty awesome.

Weirdly, I miss anti-social hours.

Not the downsides to them, the screwed up sleep patterns and the disjointed feeling you get from being out of step with everyone else’s schedule, but leaving work in the wee small hours when the streets are deserted apart from the occasional mid-week drunk… night air hitting your face…it’s like it’s just you and the occasional urban fauna…

Almost makes the late-shift aggro worthwhile. Almost. :slight_smile:


I enjoyed them for about 1 year, but now I’m deep into my second year working the 4pm to 1am shift.

Nowadays what I do is have my main alarm go off at noon, then get up, take my methylphenidate pseudoephedrine and allergy pills, go out to the back yard deck with a pillow and lie down in the bright sun and doze till the drugs make it impossible to lie still.

I think the extra sunlight is good for me. And even if it isn’t, the radiation feels too good to pass up. Once I get sunburnt, I’ll go inside and sit on the couch in a shaft of sunlight till the drugs wake me up. If I get sunburnt there, I’ll put on sunscreen before going to bed, then go out and lie on the deck again.

I’m pretty much convinced that we humans really do need the light of the sun (or an accurate simulation) to function without going all self-killy.


I absolutely concur.

Happy to take this to PM or spin it off to another thread if you’d prefer?

last night i made chalupas. flat taco shells with a selection of toppings–taco meat, refried beans, grated cheddar cheese, sour cream, and a choice of two pico de gallos. i split the basic recipe in half and added 12 chopped habanero peppers to one of them. my older son had made tacos de lengua over at his house and sent some over for us to try. it was the first time we had tried beef tongue and it was very tasty. tonight i’m grilling some jerk-marinated chicken breast with skewers of onion, red bell pepper, and pineapple and serving it with basmati rice.


Highly under-rated cut. Takes some cooking, though.

Seem to recall you made a killer hot-sauce recently…

i may have bragged about some salsa i made last summer. tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, and habaneros all from my mom’s garden. seasonings and limes were about the only things in it that weren’t from her place.

i do love trying new things. my son said he simmered the tongue in seasoned water for almost 5 hours before he peeled it and sliced it. it made some great street tacos.


Fantastic. :smile: Just love stuff that’s home-grown.
Think it was the ghost-chilli BBQ sauce though? The post might have been by the monster that’s the questions thread.

Last time I cooked it, I used a pressure cooker which buts down the cooking time needed by a fair chunk. It’s still a reasonable amount of hassle though.

My kid turns 17 tomorrow, so we took him out for hibachi. Even though the chef doesn’t astound him like he did when John was 5, it’s still a favorite tradition.


Looking forward to it, my friend!