Enjoy some gumbo today to celebrate National Gumbo Day!

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Gumbo is the best thing ever. If I knew it was Gumbo Day I would have made a pot today, but I got home at 8:30 so it’ll have to wait until Saturday.

My favorite gumbo is my mom’s Christmas gumbo. She boils the Thanksgiving turkey carcass down to make stock and freezes it to be the base of the Christmas gumbo.

For the roux I prefer a mix of olive oil and rendered fat (depends on what meat is going in what I render), and then cook the roux to a nice dark chocolate brown. Saturday I’ll go with shrimp and okra gumbo (because that’s what I have). I might see if I can get some gumbo crabs from the store, though.


“First, you make a roux.”


… somebody remind me when it was Congress delegated “The Arena Group” to invent and publicize national holidays :confused:


I love gumbo, but I need a couple of hours notice to take an extra antacid.


Gah! I wish I’d known!

I’m in Scotland so it’s not exactly a local speciality, here, and I guess I’m not too surprised to have not heard about it. But dangitall I do love gumbo, and even if I’m celebrating it late, well, I’ll still be celebrating it! Around here I have to make do with the closest approximation to an anduille I can find. It’ll never be particularly ‘correct’, I’m sure, but I normally manage something that’s not bad.

I do wish I could look at that link of things to avoid, though, rather than the 403 error it gives me. I’ll look at any and all advice out there.

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