Anyone Tried Facial Yoga Yet?


I’m thinking of trying this, but hearing from others who already have would help…


No way. Last time I tried to smile I sprained a lip.


I tried it once, but the wind changed and now I’m stuck like that. :frowning:


Can’t tell if their serious or not. The hunk with the blonde hair has pretty obviously had work done. “anti-aging” exercises just don’t work. If they did, then your doctor would tell you to do them. At least they don’t work any better when compared to standard good diet and regular aerobic exercise, which is quite effective without making you look like a jackass.

Best things to keep your face from getting wrinkly and old? Don’t smoke. Don’t get sunburnt. Moisturize if you’re prone to dry skin. This actually is applicable to all of your dermis. Not just your face.



It would hardly be a discipline if “anybody” hadn’t done it, so, not much of a question.

Yogic exercises for the head and neck are certainly not based upon the goal of keeping the muscles firmer and younger looking. Rather, they tend to be predicated upon problems of people storing latent tensions in these areas. Not unlike how deliberately smiling or frowning can have drastic effects upon one’s affect, especially over time. Deliberately working any area which is chronically tensed, especially if beyond the threshold of awareness, lets it relax and saves energy.


Downward-facing Cleese.


I’ve done yoga a looooong time and I have done some whackshit stuff in classes, but I ain’t never seen this. But hey, doesn’t seem like you’d hurt anything.


I have a person in my life who sometimes accuses me of “making a face” so I think I’m going to start calling it facial yoga instead of rolling my eyes at something stupid.

“What’s with the face?”

“Oh, this is my new facial yoga routine (it’s definitely not that you just said something too stupid even for Rush Limbaugh). I think this move is called The Pedant.”


What you are describing is basically the opposite of yoga. Automatic gestures indicate that you are used to tension there and haven’t gotten rid of it.

“That’s not my face, it’s my sensor array. My face is down my pants, just like everybody else’s.”

My standard answer. I don’t understand why most people think that the front of the head is how people interface with others when the genitals are precisely for this.


Yeah, I’m finding this super relaxing.


There is something to that at least in my personal experience.

When I get particularly severe migraines, I don’t have much, if anything, to help, so I’ve taught myself a little bit of pain and body awareness meditation. It came from practicing a little self-hypnosis back in the day.

In any case, I can relieve some of the pain by focusing on my face and neck, and working on gaining conscious control of those muscles, feeling each one, and mentally wrestling control from the automatic responses for a while. Noticing that my forehead is screwed up and tense, and working to relax it. Realizing my jaw’s been clenching, and letting it go. Getting a feel for how my eyelids are mashing my eyeballs in a pain-reaction squint, and learning to relax my eyes.

It never stops the migraine, but doing the work, and mentally focusing on something else helps to distract, and can help relieve some of the extra pain I’m generating but can take control of, in a response to the migraine’s pain which I can’t control.


I regret that I have but one like to give.


I’m glad we’ve got this digital condom between us then.


Jesus, remind me not to introduce my mother to you.


I asked in my yoga discussion group, and some posted this earlier version of Facial Yoga:

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