AOC takes the one chip challenge

The real revelation was that we never could.

Just ask anyone who works in retail.


If not, why not?

PPS, I’m not trying to shame your kink.

I’ve been warned about that.

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If she tried it next to a GOP lawmaker, we know what that works look like.

(Clip shows male fragility)


What a dick.
I don’t care about marathons but I’d
rather hear about that than listen to
weeny-pants make unpleasant noises
and be a very bad loser.

Though the bad loser part was a bit skootin-fruity.

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Such a manbaby!

Especially how obviously humiliated he felt because he was losing to a woman! :laughing:


Most chili peppers are all the same species, so different chili peppers can cross pollinate. So, for example, you can easily cross a ghost pepper with a bell pepper and end up with a pepper that looks like a ghost pepper but has no heat. And taking the seeds from a known hot ghost pepper doesn’t guarantee you get the same heat ghost pepper in the next generation unless you know what pollinated that plant to produce those seeds. In other words, producing new pepper plants that produce a certain type of pepper with a known heat (within a range anyway—as someone else pointed out, weather, soil conditions, etc can also affect heat) requires some skill and care.


Any ones genitals may just be my kink.

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I’m pansexual, so that makes sense to me!


Im Out Amy Poehler GIF by FOX TV


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