Apocalypticon, a hilarious post-apocalyptic novel


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Fallout New Vegas: Old World Blues already proved that post-apoc can be hillarious. But I’ll look into this.

I couldn’t help but notice how in just a few hour time span there are two posts on boingboing on “post-apocalypse”. And, felt a little strange that I could immediately point out, "No, this is not the only comedic approach to the post-apocalyptic scene, but I am eagerly awaiting March’s ‘last man alive’ show starring the actor from macgruber…’

Granted, a bit weird for me to go “why is western culture always so focused on post-apocalypse”, as every time I do, I end up also not thinking about the “why”. Not too much unlike how we - as human beings - often tend to not think of death, directly, I suppose.

A bit bizarrely reminded of how this wasn’t so much a thing pre-70s, though I then am reminded of the Doors “The End” (which Jim, in characteristic cagey manner claimed once was just about a breakup with a girlfriend when he did ever talk about it)…

I wanted to say the precusor to Legend, forget the title of it, but then was reminded, that was a 70s movie, too.

I wonder if people don’t have as some sort of death replacement therapy the fantasy of being lone survivors empowered by the death of the world at large? Or maybe a facet of a love-hate relationship people have with the world at large?

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