App alerts you when your fly is down. It knows.

seriously. it has happened to me more than once in recent months. currently i’m blaming shoddy manufacturing, but it’s a tenuous argument.

As it is with many of my life’s problems, sweatpants is the answer.


The latest upgrade to the concept of pants with a crystal in the crotch.

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… how often will I have to recharge my trousers :confused:


“Forgotten”. Yeah, I’ve used that line when trying to popularize “no pants day” too.


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Is there an equivalent app for today’s youth which will warn them when they are wearing their pants at or above waist level?

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… I think those saggy-pantsed youths were Millennials and they’re all grown up now :thinking:

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Anyway, what we really need is this:


I always liked “Superman is flying low.”
“You got a license to sell hot dogs?” can only be used among close friends.


in one of the bars i go to, they took the sinks out of the bathrooms and moved them to a common wall between the bathroom doors. anyone who comes out of the bathroom who doesn’t wash their hands chooses not to in full view of the entire bar. i think it’s brilliant.


Hopefully the bathrooms have outward-swinging doors and no handles/knobs.

Bonus feature request: visual assessment of the quality of the resulting look, i.e.:
“Pretty fly for a white guy.”

no doors. it’s sort of like at airports, with a wall that hides the interior of the bathroom area from the view of those outside of it.

One of my favourite pubs has adopted this, with a noisy hand-dryer which heralds the washer.

Which is better the 50/50 chance that the guy before you didn’t wash and opened the door or the 100% knowledge that nobody washed? Seems to me that it increases the incentive.

… it’s the same logic as “what about bacteria on the flush handles” or “what about bacteria on the stall doors” the way things are usually set up

The point is to put soap and water between whatever might be dirty and the outside world

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