App for subscribing to a network of clean NYC bathrooms

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Is there anything that Snow Crash didn’t get right about the future?


There is more than one market for this. Louis would be a great spokes person for Looie™

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So with this app you can regularly get a “Dear John” letter.


Siri, I need to drop the kids off…


Many years ago in another life I managed a gas station.

What people can do in 24 hours to a sparkling clean restroom is not really describable.

I used to try to get new employees to clean the bathroom, but I always ended up doing it myself. Because they might do it once or twice, but inevitably the day would come when they’d come to me with a look of revulsion and say “Boss, I ain’t cleanin’ that bathroom. I’d rather quit.”

I used to suit up in hat, coverall and gloves, go in and take out the trash can and any remaining toilet paper and set them in the parking lot, then make my way back in wielding a high-pressure hose and holding my breath. Pretty much every day there would be something unbelievably nasty… more than once, it was on the ceiling, and thus the hat.


Great! private, paid bathrooms! Is there no problem crapitalism* can’t solve…for those who can afford it…

*literally this time…


Maybe add a feature to allow ‘toilet landlords’ to track down or leave negative feedback for individuals who misuse their toilets for anti social behaviour?
Bit of a weird way to compromise the user’s privacy, but overall it might be worth it in order to keep the system going.


I’m sure you meant ‘give them shit’ and ‘keep the system regular’

right? :wink:


I wish washroom attendants were still a thing.

I would pay a subscription fee to use those facilities citywide to help pay for the attendant, but not just for “clean bathrooms” like this.

George Costanza would he so happy.

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…for everyone else there is still the subway.


“…pooping on the subway, priceless”

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I still can’t undestand how cities like NY, where there is an abysmal lack of public facilities, haven’t just solved the problem with a simple ordinance; if you serve food and have seats for more than 10 people, you must have a bathroom open to the public. Problem, solved.


Seriously. And honestly bars should have to build at least three public bathrooms spread evenly over a 5 block radius.


An Uber for bathrooms: a “Loo-ber”, if you will.

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Who is going to clean these things 7 to 10 times a day? And what do they do between cleanings? Shit shoveling is the new sharing economy.

NYC is one of the wealthiest cities in the country, and overwhelmingly elected the most liberal mayor of any major city in the USA.

What’s stopping them from coming up with a non-capitalist solution??

If I was forced to comply with that law, I’d definitely install a new bathroom which was open to all and sundry, regardless of whether they were buying food or not. And I’d clean that bathroom at least twice a year.

But only on leap years. And never with soap, that stuff costs money!

:notes: I’m inna New York, state of mind :musical_note: