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I zombied my Facebook account last year; and I’ve done the same for twitter over the Christmas break. Replaced them with Kindle/Medium/Pocket. I’m tired of Jack and Zuck pretending they’re not publishers just to avoid any accountability for the damage their companies are doing at individual and nation state levels (and everything in between).


They should make it configurable to go to iBooks on an IOS device instead of Kindle.

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I deleted my Facebook yesterday, and never made a Twitter account to begin with. And nothing of value was lost. Comments sections on websites about actual things are a better way to socialize, and for everything else there’s texting or email.


Hear, hear! I abandoned my FB acct after the massacre in Orlando when I found myself foolishly trying to convince a liberal-minded idiot I would never even pay attention to IRL that if he really thought it was a “false flag operation” he should fly his stupid ass down there and check first hand. I was never too immersed in social media, but abandoning it has been the biggest mental health improvement I’ve made in years. I hope they all go the way of Yahoo! in 2018.


I’m reluctant to rip down my facebook timeline, because I tend to only post when I have an interesting (IMHO) photo or discovery to share with a small circle of authentic friends and relatives. I limit access to that small number of individuals.

The app that I need before the off-to-kindle app is one that will take my timeline, download it and convert it to blog format. Then I could sift through it and save the useful stuff.

I agree with the OP overall. The number of times I have wandered on FB and come away feeling more positive about this world continues to dwindle.

Note that even if you never use the Facebook app on your phone, or have an account, the app will still contact home base every night.


I’ve never had a problem from walking away from social media, or indeed not letting it affect me. Is this an introvert thing?

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It’s source code – you must compile and download it to your phone (because that’s the only way to sideload an app without a jailbreak). Edit ViewController.swift and configure it as you please.

and dependng on your device (mine for example) it’s shovelware that you can’t remove

I tried to do the same last week, but it had been so long since I logged in that FB asked if I wanted to identify friends’ photos or have “friends help verify me” in order to log in. Both kind of creeped me out and I declined. I’ve heard of 2 factor authentication, but X-factor auth?

At this point, I’ll just leave it out there. I’m sure it will continue to accrue demographic data, but even if I was able to nuke the account, the hole it left behind would still have data hanging off of it.

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