Apple allows game emulators on App Store, finally

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So, if you’re thinking “MAME for iOS” you’ll be disappointed

well @#$ i was thinking mame for apple

(welp back to trying to put linux on this old ipad…)
(the more ya know: MAME : Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator)


I think the thing they really want to forbid are Apple II, C64, etc emulators, because that could lead to programming.


anyone care to speculate when the first apps will start rolling in?

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You can do that?

well, replacing “You” as in ‘me’ with ‘one’ as in ‘someone’, then, yes.
but it ain’t easy, and likely doesn’t come with the ultimate in functionality.
one link | another link

There is an incredible C64 dev community on I’m a fan of Psytronik in particular. If they put out a white-labelled vice with a way to buy their games through it, I’d be all over it.

Is it known what Apple’s position is on emulators that use the file interface to open ROMs in a user-provided location; rather than either bundling them or downloading them directly?

iOS certainly doesn’t provide wide-open filesystem access; but some level of ability to open files has been a thing since back when just about every app going had it’s own implementation of talking to dropbox; and more recently Apple conceded the inevitable and built a system interface(uidocumentpickerviewcontroller, I think?) for that stuff.

Is that double-hyper-forbidden because it would leave the way open to “emulators” that are basically just shims you get Apple to sign in order to launch whatever you feel like; or is that allowed at least in principle; but emulators will be scrutinized for evidence of being a little too convenient(so specific retro architectures will be fine; educational or deliberately perverse architectures will be OK; but if it looks like it’s actually intended to run contemporary apps it had better be HTML5)?

So I can finally play Scrabble?

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The last thing I need is access to MAME again. :slight_smile:


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