Apple shuts all California stores temporarily as COVID-19 pandemic surges

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Wait, they hadn’t already done that? Feels like all these lock-down restrictions aren’t quite as severe as they should be, if random retail stores are still open…


In the San Diego area, the most locked down they’d ever been was in the very beginning, when the panic was setting in. Since then, you could tell them a meteor was about to strike the coast, and half the people would still want to go get some take-out to eat first.


I mean, there’s some really good take out in San Diego.


Since I only leave the house once a month to buy food, I have no idea what’s going on out there. I’m apparently not out and about enough to realize that people are still out and about…


Just across the border, there’s a house SW of me across the street, having a tightly-packed house party. People here in Tijuana just don’t give a flying fuck, even though the hospitals are packed full of COVID patients.

ETA: It turns out it was a quinciñera. Anyway, infection rates on the rise, hospitals at capacity…sometimes “once in a lifetime” stuff just has to wait.


As long as the furloughed employees are being paid, this is a good move. Apple has the pile of cash to do this, and it shows the grifter/gambler mentality that makes it important to note that AAPL took a hit because of it.


They put french fries in the burritos. Frickin galaxy brain right there.


If furloughed employees aren’t being paid then they have just created a different problem. Which is why municipalities are reluctant to impose full-on lockdowns; everyone needs the money including the local government. It’s also pretty clear that the vast majority of transmission is happening in private homes.

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That is kind of my point. Here in Germany they have a furlough programme where employees get 75% pay, as long as the company files the proper paperwork. I imagine a company like Apple should be able to afford to do that on its own, to show with dollars that they are living up to their own ideals. After all, they are sitting more cash than they know what to do with.

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