California Governor Newsom orders new limits based on ICU capacity, as COVID-19 soars

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With a two week lag… why do we have to wait until we know our ICUs will be over 100% capacity before telling people to stay the f*ck home?! We are in the middle of a global pandemic.

I’m fortunate enough that I’ve been able to stock up and plan to spend all of December staying inside (except for doctors that keep wanting me to visit in person for routine checkups, argh! I’d tell them I won’t go, but I need the scripts). Not everyone can stock up, I get that… but allowing the use of restaurants & bars where the point is to take off your mask for an extended time just boggles the mind.

Had a routine checkup today. I use an n95 valved mask (protecting me), which comes with a full-mask shield to divert expulsed airflow. Over that I wear a surgical mask (protecting others, just in case the shield isn’t sufficient). Over that I wear a scarf, partly for extra protection of others, partly because my ensemble looks dorky. The staff told me I couldn’t see the doctor unless I wore only a surgical mask.

In some venues, it’s security theater all over again.


Part of the problem in SoCal is people crossing the border. Sure, there’s a lot of “just plain stupid” people here in TJ (maybe not as many as my home country of USA), but most of the population simply must work, because Mexico has no unemployment insurance provisions whatsoever, as far as I’ve been able to figure out. A good amount of them need to cross to make a living, whether it’s to do maid service or to buy supplies for resale on the TJ side.
Farming, construction, etc. also depend upon Mexican immigrants because white folks just won’t do most of it.


Fuck, now I realize I need to book it over to the dispensary to stock up on marijuana edibles and Cool Ranch Doritos before the shutdown.


I’m in California (near San Francisco) and only have experience with this area in the COVID era. But restaurants are pretty regulated here. It’s almost all outdoor eating with social distancing. People do take off their masks to eat, but only during that time. I’m wondering if there’s any evidence that that isn’t working?

It’s really sad how many mom & pop restaurants are closing in SF daily now. Every time I take another look around more of my favorite restaurants are closed. If those have to close again I’m hoping there’s at least some actual proof that the measures being taken aren’t working.

Edited to add: by “closed” I mean closed for good and gutted.

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