Six Bay Area regions — San Francisco, Santa Clara, Marin, Contra Costa, Alameda counties, and Berkeley — to enact stay-at-home order starting Sunday

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So far I’ve been coping by going out and solo biking, which seems to still be allowed under “exercise.” So long as I don’t arrive anywhere or run into anyone.

However, we’re facing another Spare the Air day tomorrow, and since last night SF and coastal urban East Bay (Berkeley/Oakland especially) measurements of PM2.5 have been in the 100-150 range, generally speaking “orange” (unhealthy for sensitive groups) depending on the correction factors you use. Meaning: strenuous outdoor activity is not advised (esp. for older adults and children and folks with heart and lung disease), especially if you want to keep your lungs healthy enough to have a chance of fighting COVID.


Guess I’m going to the grocery store tonight, instead of tomorrow.


It’s my understanding the going to a Michelin star restaurant in the Bay Area protects you from COVID though right?

As someone living in Hayes Valley I’ve been pretty impressed by not only how well SF has coped, how well my neighborhood in particular has coped, and how the general fairly good rule following has led to SF not being close to having its hospitals overwhelmed. I’m friends with a head of the ER at a major hospital who originally thought it was luck, but now thinks it can’t be or we would have been in worse shape earlier. So despite the fact that SF itself is doing well, we’re getting a stay-at-home order. Fortunate that the mayor got to go to French Laundry beforehand.

In case it is insufficiently clear I’m not real impressed with how London Breed has handled things in SF.

ETA: The type of hypocracy displayed by our leaders, combined with the inconsistent rules, is in my view likely to lead to less compliance.


Good luck.



I’ve been shopping on a weekly basis during the last 9 months; most of my dry goods and non-perishables are very well stocked. I just need to re-up on dairy & frozens, & I don’t feel like dealing with the headache of long lines tomorrow.


Is grocery delivery an option in SF?


It is, and I’ve been doing mostly Instacart since March.

Someone a few months ago (maybe on BB) said there’s no such thing as a lockdown, there’s just wealthier people paying less well-off people to bring stuff to their homes, and I think there’s some really unfortunate truth in that.


Berkeley is in Alameda county so it seems odd to note it separately.


My pandemic lifestyle means that literally the one reason I leave the house is for grocery shopping once a month, so I don’t even notice when these kinds of restrictions come into and out of play.

Grocery stores will be unaffected (unless your local stores are letting in more than 20% capacity now), so you’re probably better off waiting - other people are likely to have the same idea and rush out, ironically crowding the stores.


I thought you’d confused our mayor with our governor, but nope! Turns out mayor Breed dined there the day after governor Newsom. :man_facepalming:


Just look at the WaPo graph. The turkey-day mass-spreading event is just kicking in. This is new cases, not deaths. Those will come later.

Thanks a bunch to everyone who traveled (/s) most of whom I imagine spent most of the day whining about 45 getting the boot. My dad lost his battle with cancer Thanksgiving evening, and one of his last requests in hospice was that we DON’T travel to visit him for this reason. If I can keep myself from flying under those circumstances, they the rest of the populace can shovel their food in their mouths, get drunk, and zoom/skype at home.


Berkeley is a charter city with its very own Public Health Officer, so it gets its own billing.

That said, it is part of the whole coordinated response, which have additional implications for those who thought they had found a loophole. “Social bubbles have now been popped.”


I’m sure it is, for a hefty upcharge.

That said, I don’t live in SF, but in the East Bay.

Also I’ve gone, and come back already.

Nope, I beat tomorrow’s potential rush; the local grocery was no busier than usual for a Friday afternoon.


My cats love these stay-at-home orders.


Dogs more so. If I’m going to entertain any conspiracy theory about Covid, it’s the one that claims that it was engineered by our furry and attention-addicted pets.


I feel like the ideal model for grocery stores in the pandemic would be curbside pickup only. That would limit interaction between customers, but also between store staff and customers; the store staff would at least be a relatively stable group of people, minimizing exposure to the virus. The stores could be temporarily reorganized like warehouses with less concern for putting products on display. Stuff that people like to be able to see in person before buying - like produce- could be moved out into the parking lot for outdoor browsing, when the weather is good.


That assumes that everyone owns or has access to a vehicle.


I don’t.

The existing model assumes everyone has some way of getting to the grocery store or else is using delivery already. What I am imagining is more “no customers or third-party delivery workers enter inside the store,” not “no delivery,” but I did not explain that clearly.


Stay safe out there.